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Why will I write about various stuff here?

Minimalism has been a great tool that improved and still keeps improving my life.

But I’m far from writing that everyone should be a minimalist or that minimalism is the best way of dealing with some life’s subjects.

Minimalism worked for me like nothing else, like nothing before. And till now I haven’t found any tool or habit that will help me so much and stay with me so long.

Other tools that I tried on are for example single-tasking (as a mother, really?), slow life, mindfulness, being in the present moment, living environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle. They were good and I needed them. At that time. I needed them for a period of time. They changed me.

They made my life more conscious. I appreciate it. I needed it. But becoming more conscious, deepening it too much isn’t a desired direction for me. It led many people to pessimism and radicalism.

So how to call my current way of life? Minimalism? Yes. But it’s already implemented. Minimalism is a part of me and is my partner. I know how to use and I don’t have to work on it, to increase, improve. It just happens when I need or want. It works by itself.

For a moment I thought that my current direction in my lifestyle is quality life. In some way yes. But I associate it with buying expensive stuff with proper logos, which is not my style. And what does quality mean? No, if I ask questions like this, we’re not talking here about something essential for me.

So I kept thinking. No, I kept observing myself. And now I know that today what is important for me is… laziness and slowness. I’m lazy and I’m slow. My biggest dream now, as a mother, is more silence, less duties, longer mornings, earlier evenings. Doing nothing, being alone, not being pushed to do things NOW, immediately.

Because what I actually need and use simplifying for? I use it to limit the number of things I have to care about. I use it to limit my duties and concerns. Choosing to do less tasks can be associated with laziness. Yes, minimalism let me be slow and do less. I want it, I need it, I love it. My days without excessive stuff and stupid obligations are joy for me.

So what I do and what I’ll write about is… creating, organising and living a comfortable life. Simple and easy.

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Ula Archer

Woman. Wife to one Husband. Working at home mother to two Boys, the Older and the Younger. Minimalist. Reader and self-developer. Simplifying my life to regain my space, time, energy and attention. Optimizing. To be happier, more productive, more smiling, more giving to my family. To have more time for walks in nature.