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Minimalism in the kid’s closet

Looking at the sphere of objects at my home, I can say that I lead a really simple life. Minimalism bursts into more and more areas of our home. And we feel very good with it. Today I would like to share with you how our Boys’ wardrobe looks like.

Here is our minimalism in the kids’ closet:

Minimalist kid's wardrobe - slow and happy blog - minimalist mother Minimalism in the Kid's Closet - Slow And Happy blog about minimalism and simple life

The photos were taken at the end of spring when the Younger son was over half a year and the Older is now three years old.

Maybe some of you will think they have very few clothes. But I assure you that they have everything they need. Just so much as they need.

And what I need at home is the peace of mind. And the peace of mind is closer to doing nothing than to clean up. It’s closer to simplicity than to choosing outfits from many various elements or worrying about how to wash which items and which to wash separately, in cold water or in other special conditions. It was not my need to have ten pajamas for a little baby to look how sweet it is and to dress him in another pajama every night. Just no. It’s not for me, not my style.

I prefer minimalism in kid’s closet. When you choose simplicity, then peace and quiet follow. This calmness consists of not looking at the stacks of unused pajamas rolling around the home.

Simplicity -> peace & calmness. Quotes on simple life on

So I took photos of their drawers. Simply. Without preparation for the photo shooting. What you see is not one hundred percent of their wardrobe: they were wearing some clothes, some were in the laundry, jackets, hats and something on the neck hang in the hallway. There are also shoes. And clothes for other seasons wait in boxes.

Above you see what we use every day.

In addition to clothes, I put in their drawers various useful things: diapers, quilt, blanket, backpack, towel, potato flour (instead of powder on the skin in the diaper area) and pieces of material to wash the Younger during changing his diaper.


I took the photo and wrote the above text at the end of spring. Since those time we got some second-hand clothes from our family. Now, in the summer boys use more clothes, because we go out more frequently, getting dirty for example in the sand. Moreover, Younger learns to eat adults food and he accepts only the independence of baby-led weaning. I can’t feed him with a spoon. He must take everything by himself, to his hands and then into the mouth. So you can imagine there is plenty of work for the washing machine!

Minimalism with children is feasible.

My guide on how to buy clothes (for kids too) to have a convenient, minimalist and environmentally friendly wardrobe – HERE.

Have you ever tried to limit the number of your kids’ clothes or do you let it be like it is? Tell me in comments (closed due to spam).

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