What Do I Have in My Minimalist Kitchen (With Photos)

What Do I Have in My Minimalist Kitchen? (with photos)

There are different conceptions of how a home of a minimalist looks like. Some people visualize almost empty rooms, a few pieces of furniture and just one item laid on every shelf. Other people say they have ten pyjamas for every member of their family and also call themselves minimalists. Other may visualize always tidy rooms, while even if you have a little amount of stuff when you have kids and it’s winter, the stuff gets the ability to multiply and it covers definitely too many surfaces. So how can a minimalist home look like in reality? Today I show you a piece of this world: my minimalist kitchen.

What Do I Have in My Minimalist Kitchen (With Photos) (1)

I hope that this article will reach people who want to start their simple living journey and give them an example, so they will know which items are enough for a normal life of a family of four (two adults and two boys aged 1 and 3.5) and they won’t feel guilty, thinking that people living a minimalist life have much less.

Minimalist kitchen tour

I want to write that it’s the state of our kitchen after doing a big decluttering at our home at the beginning of this year. But I haven’t tidied, organized or cleaned things on purpose for these pictures. I’ve just taken the photos one day. If I’d like to stage my kitchen, you’d wait muuuuch longer for this article.

Let’s start.

Shelves and drawers under the countertops

Drawer 1. – under the sink: potatoes, carrots, beetroot (to make juices that fight my anemia!), onions, dishwashing liquid, dustpan and brush, trash bags, trash bin.

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minimalist kitchen - under the sink

Drawer 2.: cutlery.

minimalist kitchen - cutlery or silverware: how many spoons, knives, forks, teaspoons

Drawer 3.: kitchen cloths, gloves, matches, toothpicks, rubber bands, graters, covers of two most used pots, a ladle, cookbooks, scissors, sandwich paper, baking paper, spatulas.

Kitchen cloths: some are used to wipe wet surfaces and hand and others are bibs for our Boys.

Cookbooks: They’re new in our home, we get them for free with other purchases and I’m giving them a chance. I’ll get rid of them if we won’t use them.

Sandwich paper: I wrap sausages and sliced meats in the paper instead of keeping them in plastic packages.

It was the first time when I listed items from this drawer. I didn’t imagine that there are so many!

minimalist kitchen drawer - spatulas, cookbooks

Drawer 4.: food that’ not vegetables or fruits and that don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Rice, pasta, salt, raisins, spices, baking powder…

Tip 1: Recently I stopped keeping products in groups of similar products, like all groats together. Now I keep them in groups like: for breakfast, for dinner, for baking and it’s much more comfortable for me. When I have no idea for breakfast, I check the group for breakfast and don’t have to go through my whole pantry.

Tip 2: You can cut paper gift bags and they’re perfect drawer dividers.

minimalist pantry

Drawer 5.: a sieve, pots, and pans with covers.

We use 2 pans and 4 pots of different sizes.

minimalist kitchenware: how many pots and pans

Drawer 6.: baking supplies, additional elements for our new slow juicer, meat mallet, medicine, hand mixer, additional cutting board.

Slow juicer parts: I’ll check if I need them. If no, I’ll get rid of them.

minimalist baking supplies and first aid kit

Cupboards above the countertop

Cupboard 1.: fruits, bread, (cakes), salt and something that was meant to be a home-made dishwasher powder but now it’s a stone 😀 .

simple living - simple kitchen

Cupboard 2.: Here is the place for plates and other kitchenware to dry after being hand-washed. And I keep liquid soap here, which I use very rarely. I’m going to replace the soap bought in a shop (a detergent) with a real, natural Marseille soap (as a part of my zero waste slow challenge for this year described in the article: my Simple and Slow Living Plans for the New Year 2018).

simple life - drying dishes after hand washing

Cupboard 3.: coffee, tea, cocoa, herbal teas, mugs, cups, a sugar-bowl.

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minimalist pantry or coffee and tea station

Cupboard 4.: oils (coconut, sunflower, and olive), Boys’ snacks, bowls, and plates.

how many bowls does a minimalist family need

Cupboard 5.: for adults only 😉 : sweets, snacks, wine glasses, drinks glasses, corkscrew, espresso cups.

snacks in a minimalist pantry

The little open shelf

Supplements and a decorative pot where we collect receipts to track our expenses.

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supplements and family budget control station

The countertops

On our countertops there are: slow juicer, bottled water, Brita water filter, big cutting board, fruits, paper towel, two sponges and kettle on the cooker.

My husband’s shelf

Laptop, loudspeaker and his box with cables, chargers and other men’s treasures and necessities.

Empty spaces

A joy for every minimalist and every person responsible for cleaning and tidying up 😉

And it’s not a mistake: first two photos present two separate drawers.

empty spaces in minimalist kitchen - we don't need all of our kitchen storage spaces

Ok, the last one wasn’t so empty. But the contents don’t count as kitchen, right?

What others minimalists’ kitchens look like?

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