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Minimalist kitchen tool list of a family of four

I know that from time to time you like to see exact numbers, lists, and examples when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle really, every day, in practice. I love it too! As I told you multiple times: other people’s lives examples are what made my life better. Of course, we’re talking here about people who are sharing their stories.

So finally, I’ve written down the list of what I have in my kitchen, what I need to prepare and serve food for our family of four: two adults and Boys aged nearly 3 and 5. Our minimalist kitchen essentials.

When it comes to plates and cutlery, we have more of those items for the days when we have guests. But they are hidden on an average day in a separate place. Notice: we don’t have any special serving set for guests. We’ve bought 12 of everything, use only what we need (listed below) and when guests come – we can add more plates etc. from the cupboard with excess.

eating tools

5 big, dinner plates

6 soup plates (Boys use them also for dinners, so the food don’t fall outside as easy as in a flat plate)

6 small plates (for breakfast and supper)

7 very small plates (I put butter on one, Boys peel eggs on them…)

4 butter knives

6 forks

6 spoons

13 teaspoons

2 spoons and 4 forks for kids

2 serving bowls

2 small bowls

3 big bowls (for crisps, popcorn, salads or preparing cakes etc.)

drinking tools

12 mugs

4 cups

4 glasses

4 wine glasses

tools to prepare food

glass jars to store ingredients

plastic containers to freeze food (empty ghee and ice-cream packagings)

2 cutting boards

1 sharp chef’s knive

2 small sharp knives

1 sauce pan with cover

4 pots of different sizes with covers

2 pans of different sizes with cover for one of them (for another one I use pot’s cover)

1 glass casserole dish

1 baking pan

1 electric hand mixer

1 meat tenderizer

1 potato masher (we lived for years without it)

1 grater

1 wooden spatula

1 mesh strainer

1 ladle

1 corkscrew

1 water filter

1 teapot

1 salt shaker

1 sugar-bowl

1 pair of kitchen gloves

1 slow juicer

See photos of my kitchen cabinets’ contents in one your favorite text on this blog: What do I have in my minimalist kitchen?

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minimalist kitchen tool list for a family - slow and happy blog about simple life