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The Minimalist Moves! – Do I Really Own So Little Stuff?

I’m a minimalist for years. As a person who’s responsible for the home, I’ve also made our shared items and things connected to caring about the apartment simpler and more minimalistic. My husband has more things than me but rather little compared to an average person I know. We also don’t have everything that parents are supposed to buy for toddlers. No wet wipes, no plastic cutlery nor plates. And now the minimalist moves to another apartment.

The Minimalist Moves! - Do I Really Own So Little Stuff - slow and happy blog about simple life

Moving can be an interesting experiment for non-minimalists on the way to becoming minimalists. And for me it’s a kind of check:

Minimalist moves: how good I am with my stuff and the amount of it?

I’ll tell you the truth: It’s not so good! I thought I organized my things better, meaning: I thought we have less!

The truth is, today my husband drove to the apartment we’ll live in with a car packed full with our things (not all things of course). And I’m sure we’ll not notice the lack of any items that we need here in the old apartment, where we’ll live for about ten days more. So we have a full car of things we don’t use.

What is in those bags?

Winter clothing and shoes, some toys inappropriate while having a baby at home (could eat little parts), a carpet not used for almost a year, a beach umbrella, some books and papers, kitchenware we don’t use every day (for having more guests), excessive clothes to clean home, additional bedding, things right away labeled basement, which means I don’t plan to use them at all.

I have to think about it. And maybe I’ll improve by realizing bad habits and getting rid of useless things.

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2 thoughts on “The Minimalist Moves! – Do I Really Own So Little Stuff?”

  1. We just moved and wow what stuff we have. 🙁 I am on the path to being a minimalist but haven’t reached the point I desire yet. I really dislike the amount of things we own but the sorting is so mind boggling and time consuming. We are pretty much unpacked but still must downsize to really fit comfortably. Thank you for your post!

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