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Does a Minimalist Person Really Want Less?

I’m a minimalist person and I want more.

Minimalism is associated with having less and setting limits. But is it the end? Is it really everything about people who call themselves minimalists? I think the truth is much more colourful and interesting. The truth is MORE.

I call myself a minimalist. But what does it mean to be a minimalist? For this article, lets assume a simple definition: it’s a person who has consciously chosen to have less physical possessions, often for their comfort – physical and inner.

So do I – as a minimalist – want less? No. I want more. Maybe even more than proverbial Joneses. But in other areas of life.

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What I don’t want more of:


I have enough of them. Very little, comparing with average. I let something new into my life mostly when an item I used becomes broken, worn out.

You can check my list of things, summer 2016.


I invest in relations with people who are important for me. Quality over quantity.

Digital clutter

I’ve got very little number of files, I use only a few programs and almost don’t use social media. Digital clutter and too much activity on the internet were making me distracted and feeling bad.


Tasks to do

I’ve cut them down to essentials. To tasks that will make change. Actions that will really put my work forward.

So there are areas of my life where I don’t want more. I’m minimalistic and efficient in these areas.

So I have a lot of space in my soul and mind to have other wants.

But I want more of:

Does a minimalist really want less? - Slow and Happy blog about conscious and comfy life

I want more freedom.

I want more healthy food.

I want to feel better both in my body and with my currently non stop upset talking mind.

I want more sun and more degrees on the thermometer in my place of living.

I want more fresh air and more views of nature.

I want more silence or sounds of nature.

I want more money to live a better life, give better life to my children and to help others.

I want more time for sleep and even for daily naps.

I want more calmness and time for my Husband.

I want to write you more words.

I want to inspire more people, helping them change their lives for better.

I want more [easyazon_link identifier=”B00JGCBGZQ” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]vitamin D*[/easyazon_link] in my body.

I’m a minimalist and

I want more!

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