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What does a minimalist woman and mom buy? March’s report

One year ago, I was reporting on the blog my monthly purchases to give you a picture of how a minimalist life may look like in practice, in a real family.

I’m coming back to writing this series, at least for a few months.

what did I buy in March?

What I don’t put on this list is accommodation expenses (apartment bills, Internet, 2 pre-paid phones), food, car fuel, supplements or medication (which we buy very rarely but these things seem to be too personal sometimes to list them directly).


Things which use up over time.

  • 1 disposable razor
  • kids’ tooth gel (no fluoride)
  • 1 pack of diapers (now used only for nights and for number two – oh, I wish we’d be after these issues)
  • 5 bed pads (for naps without a diaper)
  • dishwasher salt (as a very non-perfect housewife, I haven’t used it for last 1+ year)

going out

  • dinner at a restaurant (greetings from the fcking country where an average monthly income after taxes is 1900 and dinner in an average restaurant for 2 adults and 2 kids cost 160 – before tip and without desserts for adults)
  • working in a cafe
  • meeting in a cafe


items that will stay with us

  • 2 bike trainer handles (we’ve bought two because in the previous handle I’ve bent the metal, so we assumed that one handle won’t serve us for a long time; but it occurred, the new handles are of much better quality)
  • pair of pants for the Older
  • 3 items of underwear for me
  • a frying pan (I chose ceramic to avoid health problems connected with scratched telfon or other non-stick substances).

That’s all. No toys, no crazy clothing shopping, no new home decor.

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