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Monthly Purchases of a Minimalist Family, May’s Report

Here is probably the longest list of minimalist shopping reports posted here. I bought a lot of new things this month, but all of them where real needs.


Below I publish the list of all our May expenses besides the apartment bills, an enormous in our country bill for trash (sorted by us), Internet, two prepaid phones, food and private purchases of my Husband (which are not many anyway).

Minimalist shopping – May report


  • 2 water filters
  • toilet paper, 8 rolls. There wasn’t my favorite in the store when I needed, the gray in a thick roll. There were only the white, bleached, thin, delicate papers. Sometimes not everything goes how we planned.
  • 6 ordinary soap bars. I did not know that my men consume so much soap. And I’m still using the Marseille soap.
  • a plastic razor. It came out again that I’m not so eco-friendly in everything I could. For me, a disposable, plastic razor is more pleasant in use than a metal razor and for now, this argument wins.
  • a pack of diapers. As above. Not so eco-friendly. I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t potty train our Younger son at the age of around the second birthday, like the Older. But I’m happy that even if it takes months, he’s making progress. Now, we need a diaper only for naps, nights, and longer trips when a nap in the car is possible.
  • paper towel. I buy a thick roll once a couple of months. I wash the dishes, pots, and the cutting board with a sponge. I clean countertops and a dirty or flooded table with a reusable cotton cloth. I wipe my wet hands or wet clean dishes with a different kitchen cloth. Dirty hands and faces most often go to the bathroom to be washed. But sometimes we use disposable paper.
  • perfume. Because I wanted it. I still had a bottle in my house, but another favorite fragrance was discounted, so I bought it. For years, I am usually like a puritan (purist?) in the subject of (not) putting on my body everything that has a nice bottle. But from time to time, if I feel like it, I do not refuse myself a perfume, or having in my bathroom one terribly chemical, but with a nice scent, gel for a pleasant bubble bath.
  • dishwasher tablets. I’ve probably had 90 previous pieces for two years, so that’s what it looks like at my home. I do not use a tablet for every wash. Ask yourself how much you can be sure that the dishwasher, which often can not clean the coffee sludge, certainly rinses the chemistry out of the dishes. Does it sound delicious and healthy?
  • tissues, 10 packs. It will be enough for almost a year.

New items

  • 2 thermoses. To make it easy for us to make trips, even if it is going to be very cold in May, as it was this year. 1 liter (34 oz) each, stainless steel. One for coffee, the other for children. And I want to stress here that if you’re buying a thermos for kids, it does not have to be plastic, pink, with ears, tentacles, lights, and Cars movie characters. Really.
  • a cotton blanket. To make it convenient for us to make trips!
  • 2 long flower pots for our balcony, soil, and flowers. Yes, now I am playing the perfect housewife role, not without joy. I have flowers for the first time since I have children, meaning at least for five years.
  • scissors. We always had one big pair of scissors at our home. They were many years old, probably more than our marriage, until they were broken. I could buy glue and repair them, but for the environment, it’s probably similar pollution, whether we produce new scissors or glue, and maybe even with scissors the planet is happier.
  • a notebook. Every three weeks I come up with a new life system. I suddenly need to write down other things in a different way. Soon, I’ll share with you my current productivity system, based on Phylicia Masonheimer’s ecourse Grace Based Productivity for Christians.
  • plasticine for Boys – a non-drying modeling clay
  • sandals for Older Son
  • 4 undershirts, 2 for each Boy. So that the back is covered even if a t-shirt isn’t long.
  • 2 bedding cover sets. The previous ones after eight years were just falling apart.


Again! We are so sociable 😉

And if you want to know what we bought for Boys for Children’s Day, this text will explain everything to you.

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