I believe that you have not lost yourself in the grayness of everyday life. That you haven’t even believed in it! Surely you have dreams, plans. You know your needs. You know how your perfect day would look. You know what elements could make your dream life. Such totally consistent with your values ​​and personality. To put it into your life you need to listen to one rule: don’t be a superwoman.

Dreams and plans for a perfect day. All this is in your head. And what’s next?

I realized how it looks in my life. Listen.

We MUST let go of the old

I stand in the point where I know what I want, how I would like to spend my time and how I want to live. I just cannot let go of the old life. Of the default life elements: polite, normal living up to expectations. Living in line with tradition, culture, society and even family.

I haven’t let go of the old, the default, having already an idea for the new. It means I try to keep two lives: the old one and the new one, the polite one and the one giving me happiness, the correct one and the one that’s mine. I’m trying to put in twenty-four hours tasks that need twenty-four hours. I need a minimum of five hundred days in a year.

And there aren’t.

And so far it was too often that I first adjust to external expectations, later trying to put what is really important to me in the remaining time. A MISTAKE! A big, enormous mistake. For what really matters to me, I will not do it in such little pieces of time. I need the normal amount of time.

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Mother, wanting all the best for her children. A lovely daughter. A listening wife. A helpful, obedient girl.

First I clean up, then I will do my make up.

First I do the washing, then I’ll wash my teeth.

First, my Son eats, then I.

Don’t be a superwoman like this.


Don’t be a superwoman

But how to say that this year I won’t go to the family for Christmas or Easter?! I went.

Well, but how to you say that there’s a mess in the house, because I’m using my time to do something for myself, something that turns me on?! I tidy up.

But how to do it that the Husband makes our children sleep? Without screens?! Again I do it.

I’m still such a superwoman, who’s trying to do everything. In addition, alone.

Do not be like that. And I’ll start going out of it too. For our dream life!

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