Motherhood and Introversion, Kids an Silence

Daily: Motherhood and Introversion, Kids and Silence (What!?)

Today a few words on how I survive wearing on me two tags: motherhood and introversion.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I must start with writing that I’m a homepreschooling stay at home mom of two energetic Boys. The Older is four. Which means: the Older is in the most jumping-beating-biting time in his life. The Younger is two and every his toilet need is still my task.

We, introverts need silence. Or even more: solitude. Peaceful, silent, alone time. Why? Because we’re talking to ourselves or do weird things? No. We can do something weird, or something reasonable, or do nothing or sleep.

But we need this time, preferably every day. We need it like we need to eat and wash, and urinate and sleep every day. Maybe we don’t die when we don’t get the alone time but then we feel… less human. Like robots – full of trash but working day after day after day.

We, introverts, just can’t be in interaction all the time. The alone time is for recharging. For uniting body, mind and soul. For coming back to ourselves.

And imagine fulfilling such needs of introverts with kids at home! Kids mean energy, move and noise.

How do I deal with it?

My answer to the motherhood and introversion conflict is the night. I use the time when Boys are asleep to just be with myself. To feel that I live. To hear and clear my thoughts.

And the need for silent time is so big that I do this time even when I’m fed up. Even if I fall asleep with my kids at 9 pm, wake up in their bed at 10 pm and only feel like going to my bed and sleeping, even without washing myself… I wake up, stand up, take shower and sit in the kitchen for half an hour, 40 minutes or two hours. I can cook, work, do something reasonable, or do nothing, or read, listen, or even drown stupidly on the Internet.

And when I do my alone time I’m ready for another day of interactions, emotions and tasks. Without the alone time I’d feel like a machine: do, do, do, sleep, continue doing, doing, doing.

Dear Readers, Dear simple living fans, are you introverts, extroverts or someone in between?

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Motherhood and Introversion, Kids an Silence

What is the problem of being an introverted parent and how to survive as an introverted stay at home mom. #sahm #introvert #introvertedmom Kids, silence, noise, finding time for yourself, finding alone time for introvert parent.