How much does a minimalist tidy up and clean home?

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A minimalist or a person living a simple life does not have to tidy up or clean his or her home very often, spending much time on it. A minimalist tidies up… simply and quickly. If you’re curious how a minimalist tidies up and clean less then you, keep reading. Look.

all tidying up and cleaning that minimalists do:

If you don’t have clutter at home, it is enough to:

1 | wash dishes every day

How to make dishwashing simpler?

Give up your dishwasher and keep only a little number of plates and cutlery in your kitchen (as many mugs, teaspoons, plates etc. as the number of your family members plus a few additional if you have guests from time to time).

Give up having them all: mugs, cups and different types of glasses. Choose one type, for example, mugs. Give away the rest.

Use one mug during the whole day, if possible only refilling, without washing.

– Some people replace three basic types of plates (soup plate, dinner plate, and a smaller plate) with one item: a shallow bowl.

You see the first ideas making a minimalist tidy up less.

2 | wash your clothes and bedding regularly

Simple laundry starts when you shop for new clothes. Set up rules, making later the care for your clothes easier. Look at my rules for conscious shopping for clothes.

Keeping these rules allows me to wash almost all of my and my Boys’ clothes together. And last weekend I used an iron for the first time this year. Yes! And it’s September. Stay with me if you want to have an as easy life as mine 🙂

Interested in decluttering kids’ closets?

3 | do vacuum cleaning once a week

Or even use just a brush and dustpan. This idea would resonate with life describes in Tom Hodgkinson’s book How To Be Free.

On an average day don’t take out your big and heavy vacuum cleaner if there are some crumbs only on a little area of the floor. Use a broom/brush.

4 | clean floors once a month

Or even less often!

Of course, clean if there is a need because of sudden dirt on a certain surface.

5 | clean bathroom and kitchen when needed

Which means cleaning countertops, cooker, oven, sink, bathtub, bathroom sink, and toilet.

6 | put things back in their places.

So it’s better to have less of them 😉

That’s all. And you have a tidy home. Minimalism really rules 😉

Other minimalist’s thoughts on house chores:

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