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Daily: What’s up in my life now?

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Recently, one of my dear Subscribers of the blog newsletter asked if I would like to share from time to time what I currently care about privately. Once there was more of this on the blog, today I try to write more of my experiences that can be helpful to others in some way, hence more texts with methods and tips.

So ok. I have not written for a long time about what is right in my head, at home … so I will gladly share it with you.

What I’ve noticed: time is limited

In recent months, I have been experiencing the limitation of time almost physically. I probably wrote to you about it in texts about productivity and my weekly action plan.

Oh, I write down fewer and fewer tasks for each coming week.

I can no longer keep the writing rhythm here of more than let’s say once a week.

At some point, I realized that I would put off so many things I would like to do because I am doing the blog. And I slowed down, I was not here for a while.

Then I went to declutter my home, room after room, cupboard after cupboard.

There are so many things I would like to do or do regularly. In one day I can fit in as many activities as I can. So I have to choose. And give up the rest.

I hardly read books. Because I have no time. I found a nice program that I would like to listen online, but it lasts over an hour, so maybe I listen to one such program in two weeks.

An hour and a half for a mother staying at home with kids is a rare treasure! Sometimes I want to spend this time on something else.

My attention and raising children

Another thing is the fact that I was losing my patience with the Boys too often, I was nervous all the time, I was too often angry.

In order not to be a mother mad at her kids all the time and because of everything, again, I had to learn to let go.

Accept that at night it is better to sleep than to blog. And be a nicer mother the next day.

Accept that it may be better not to try to write, read, listen or watch in this two-minute break when nobody wants anything from me. Because soon one will come to me with a question or a request and I would be nervous that he interrupts me.

Accept that it is good to take care of the house regularly, not having to look at the mess or fold the mountain of clothes that has been accumulating for a week.

Accept also that in the evening it can be better to relax in the bathroom or even in front of the TV, spend time alone, eat well, and not blog or clean up.

Hey, I almost don’t read or watch or scroll the Internet and apps anymore! I read, watch or listen to only a few favorite authors. Really. 1 hour 30 minutes on the phone was my daily average last week. And it includes listening to music in the car.

I give more attention to our Boys and our surroundings, that is home. Kids need parental attention, and perhaps the older, the more. They ask about the world, about everything.

In addition, I see our Boys’ bad behavior. Again: I want to devote my time, energy and attention to correct their behavior. Now, when it’s fresh, when it appears. And not years later.

What I was doing

It looks like I gave up many activities, but I was doing something, even new things, completely different from the typical me from the past.

  • I baked bread. First time in my life.
  • I pickled cucumbers. For the first time in my life (not counting my childhood and teenage years, when I helped my mother).
  • I made jam and enclosed it in jars for the winter. For the first time!
  • This year I planted flowers on the balcony for the first time since we have children. After a few weeks of beautiful flowering, they looked very, VERY poor. I had no idea why. They were ugly. As if they were over. But I woke up this lady inside myself who loved to tweak her home. I launched Google. I learned what I did wrong (or rather, what I didn’t do, and I should!), I repaired my mistake late and after a long waiting time the flowers bloom again and are beautiful. I saved the flowers!

I enjoy having – and acquiring new – skills related to the material world. This world of matter is so important! The Internet can disappear, electricity can be cut off, apartments, cars and other amenities can disappear or start costing millions. But if you have a piece of land and know how to plant and grow potatoes, you’ll survive.

Thanks to you, people who share their experiences in various fields on the Internet. You are treasures.

  • Plus, I saw four shooting stars!
  • And I’ve started going to the gym once a week. For the first time so regularly since we have Boys. I’m so grateful for that!

To sum up, I am close to taking the life of an ordinary, non-ambitious woman – wife – mother – housewife.

In the morning breakfast and laundry, then outdoor time with our Boys, homemade lunch, home chores or doing something with the Boys, dinner, washing the Boys, putting them to sleep, my dinner eaten in peace, tea with sugar, sometimes a series on the TV, sometimes wine, sometimes staring at the stars on the balcony and sleeping before midnight, generally without a computer after putting Boys to sleep.

What I’m thinking about

All the time there are topics related to modern culture in my head: sick consumption and a strange fashion for being eco (which is not always eco, because the topic is complicated).

I’m thinking about business and money, how people earn.

Because all this is probably an inflated balloon. The course sold for $200 is not worth $200 since the author decides to sell it in a package along with, say, 30 other materials from other authors, where this package costs $40 or $50 and only a fraction of this amount goes to the author. I guess these original prices of digital products are heavily inflated.

And this is the benefit of Ultimate Bundles customers who get these materials with a large, sometimes 98% discount.

For now, you can get from them free healthy habits tracker with a plan to introduce healthy habits, printables, and health expert advice.

And soon we’ll have the sale of the Healthy Living Bundle, full of interesting topics this year, such as electronic, wifi and other waves pollution (facts and tips) and plenty of healthy recipes, of which one I have already tried! (Yes, as their partner I have insight into everything in advance).

And another topic in my head is … the Bible. Would you be interested in me writing something about the biblical perspective on life?

I am raised as a Catholic, I live in the land of Pope John Paul II and the Bible is not important in this religion, it is not really known. What counts is catechism – rules written by priests.

And topic by topic, step by step, question by question, person by person, brought me to the Bible. Among other things, through a topic that took me a year ago: femininity. Until now, I could find information about the different characteristics of women and men on websites related to the blear New Age. Something was missing there, something was not quite. Until I came across women writing about the role of women from the biblical perspective. And this picture turned out to be close to what I feel and what I experience.

So I keep going on this topic, I read the Bible. Even not as a self-imposed obligation, but with sincere desire, joy, curiosity.

This is something new for me. New chapter.

Get your copy now!

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