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I’ve been writing here tips for you based on my minimalism, my slow life, my conscious life and my care about our planet. But for this blog to be complete and sincere I want to tell you everything that is behind it. I’ll share with you my thoughts from this year which are the base to my big plans for 2017.

Yes, I’m a minimalist, I’m happy to live more and more consciously, but I want you to know what I keep thinking about, what my private aims are. Because my way of life is linked to what I see as my destination.

My way of life, way of conscious life is a goal. I’m still making myself better as a person on this way. But the way is set in a certain direction. I want to discover to you this direction.

To start with, I’m from Europe, European Union. I’ve been raised by school, society, media and family with thinking that I live in one of the best places on the Earth. Life here was shown to me as just, safe, comfortable, easy. If you’re good at school, you get a job, get your salary, have free time after work, you cook, buy new cushions and go to theatres.

But in reality there is no justice in growing socialism that punish working people with taxes and gives money to lazy ones.

There is no safety in law banning having arms nor in neighbouring with Russia.

And the salary of one young adult isn’t enough to live alone independently.

I was born and I live in Poland, one of the biggest countries in Europe, almost 40 million people.

Poland is beautiful with its mountains, forests, lakes and the Baltic See. Poland is beautiful with its towns and cities. It’s so worth visiting! And cheap.

The problem is that most of Polish people cannot afford living a calm, comfortable life here. Even with two adults working, there is little money left after paying for a place to live, for food and toiletries.

Most of us have to calculate every weekend going out, every weekend trip, every meal in the restaurant, every take-out coffee. We don’t eat out or order meals regularly because we cannot afford it.

Most young adults earn about 1800PLN net ($460) if they’re lucky to have full time jobs. And a coffee in Costa Coffee or Starbucks costs circa 15PLN (almost $4).

The lowest rent for the smallest flat is about 1000-1500PLN ($255-383), depending on the city and city area.

One liter of fuel is 5PLN. It’s almost $5 per gallon.

Median monthly net income in Poland is 2366PLN ($604). You have to work one and 1/3 month to earn for the newest iPhone with the lowest memory (3349PLN, $854). Only earning for the iPhone, not paying bills nor shopping.

By the way, the same iPhone in the US costs $649. In Poland $854.

I highly recommend you visiting Poland. It’s 100% beautiful, 100% safe, modern, with high speed Internet, tasty food (and more natural than in US) and nice people. And Poland is cheap.

Just we, Polish people, don’t earn here enough to live here comfortably.

Imagine that we have so high taxes that if you get 2400PLN net, the whole amount your employer has to pay (your net + taxes) is 4000PLN!

Plus while shopping you pay 23% value added tax.

After months of such thoughts, a one clear thought came recently to my mind:

I don’t want to have PLNs. I don’t need them.

It’s a motto of my big plans for 2017. I don’t need currency that allows me to live only here.

Here, in Poland. It’s beautiful here, but having two children I’ve started to hate fall and winter, because of having to put all the clothes on three people (two of which moving all the time in all possible and impossible directions), when going out.

Do PLNs allows me to live only here?

I’ll repeat a paragraph from above:

To start with, I’m from Europe, European Union. I was raised by school, society, media and family with thinking that I live in one of the best places on Earth. Life here was shown to me as just, safe, comfortable, easy…

One of the best places on Earth… People here think that Africa, Asia, Central and South America are undeveloped. And cheap. You know, jungles, deserts, villages of simply living farmers and dirty towns with basic infrastructure.

What a myth! What a stereotype! And even if it’s not a stereotype, it’s still… expensive!

I’m fascinated in mobile lifestyle, being a digital nomad.

My big plans for 2017? I would like to hit the road, to see the world!

During my research I’ve found that in Central and South America the only countries that are cheaper or similar to live like Poland are Venezuela, Peru and Mexico.

Yes, the whole continent we were thinking is undeveloped, wild, poor and cheap, is too expensive for people earning in PLN! We cannot afford living in those “wild” Urugway, Argentina, Chile or Brazil!

Living cost in Poland is compared to India. Or it’s even worse…

Countries like Ukraine, where there is a war are cheaper than us…

Living costs in different parts of the world made me start to live the sentence:

I don’t need currency that allows me to live only here.

Looking for a solution -> very BIG PLANS for 2017

Firstly, I have to earn in other currency. So here I am with my blog, recommending you some things I use or books that led me to who I’m today, earning little commisions from Amazon. In dollars.

As for a place to live, I’ve researched information about Australia (my biggest dream), New Zealand, Guadeloupe (Carribean), Mexico and United States.

Things aren’t easy. We have no chances to become permanent residents in Australia nor New Zealand. We’re not sure if Guadeloupe would be a good solution. Surely, it would require from us learning French. But earning in euro and staying in European Union aren’t our dreams.

We’ve filled forms in the US green card lottery. Our chances are 1:50.

And we keep on making small steps that will lead us to… a happier life, to a more just country. With warmer climate.

Small steps… But speaking of BIG plans for 2017… I’ve told to myself, my husband and children that it’s our last winter here. No more putting on winter clothes on three people before going for a walk!

big plans for 2017: SLow and Happy - life in Poland - mobile lifestyle, conscious life

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