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10 cosmetics for a natural makeup. Plus simple makeup ideas and hacks from a minimalist woman

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As in the title: today I’m presenting you my minimalist make-up. It’s perfect for every woman who likes a delicate, natural make-up, or just a woman who is lazy (or who values ​​her time). My make-up routine, or what I do twice a month, when I want to look how I’m expected to look.

1 | eye pencil

It gives a more natural effects that eyeliner.

Choose black for dark-haired, brown or even in a lighter shade of brown for blondes.

Apply it in slightly on your eyebrows. Draw short lines in those places where … your eyebrows hair grow.

If you want to look more expressive and hide your natural look behind your makeup, draw a line on the upper eyelid (I do it twice a year 😀 ) and/or on the bottom in the outer corner of the eye.

Alternatively, you can also use pencils to contour your face. Draw a few strokes on this soft part of the cheek between the cheekbone and the mandible bone. So almost from the ear almost to the lips. And rub it with your finger.

2 | mascara

Blondes, choose brown to keep a natural look!

First, cover the upper eyelashes with mascara. While using the eyelash brush, move it from side to side. Try to curl them by pressing on the ends in the right direction.

If you want to have an impressive makeup, after painting eyelashes, place your finger close to the eye between the upper and lower eyelashes and close the eye slowly, pressing your finger upwards and holding the eyelash curl. It works. And the finger does not look as terrifying as an eyelash curler 😉

I don’t use waterproof mascara, because it’s more problematic to remove it. I remove my mascara only with coconut oil which I put on a reusable cotton pad.

3 | lipstick

I use only a transparent one with as natural ingredients as possible.

Apply a thin layer of it. Use on the bottom lip and rub it to the upper.

4 | optionally: shea butter

For any dry areas on the skin, for example, small red dry spots, for example when you are changing your diet.

On the cheeks on frosty or windy winter days.

And actually this is the kind of makeup that bothers me, because with the mascara on my eyelashes:

  • I can not wash my face with water, including my eyes, and I have a habit to do so during the day, especially after looking at the screens
  • I can not just rub my eyes.

But if you don’t have problems with the things above, you can add also these products to the list:

5 | eyeshadow

To get the impression of big eyes, I suggest you apply a bright shadow in the inner corner of the eye. Color the rest as you like, depending on your skin’s complexion, on the occasion and your mood.

6 | blush

Recently I do not use blush because I have a wrong color, or something else is wrong and it looks exaggerated, a bit like from a circus.

Oh, and remember that blush can also do for eye shadow.

and where is the foundation, concealer, powder and other basic make-up products?

I’ve tested and I agree that full makeup can make an impressive effect and looks extra. I’ve done it twice in my life. But you feel it all on your face and it’s not cool! Wearing a mask for half a day is not (NOT!) cool.

You cannot touch, or scratch your face, fearing something will move and blur. You do not know if it does not slide off. Has the lipstick gone from the inside of the lip making a strange effect? (Oh, is it why women keep having a mirror in their handbags, to check what’s going on with the lipstick? I do not have a mirror in my handbag. Such a freedom.)

The full makeup causes the bad feeling. The skin does not breathe. Doing full make-up and evening removal (when you’re already exhausted even without this task in your plans) are time-consuming. Popular makeup products block the breathing of the skin, not adding to its health. Makeup removal liquid that stays on the skin – also is not cool. Rarely you remove everything absolutely – also unhealthy.

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And I recommend you keep my concealer in the fridge. That means: in your diet. My corrector for several months is meat, butter, lard, and eggs. Really. After three days (really!) of a high-fat and low-carb diet, dark circles under my eyes, which I thought are an element of my appearance, began to disappear. I do not look sleepy anymore. I have the face like after Photoshop. Something has changed, definitely. I recommend supplementation with good food for your skin’s appearance and health. (For more on the effects of using a carnivore diet for six weeks, read this article).

And it turns out that as a minimalist, and above all a person indifferent to consumerism and social expectations, I am not able to come up with ten useful cosmetics, as in the title.

I do not know who is buying this whole rich and varied assortment of drugstores! All these chemical sachets and bottles…

In such stores, I buy shea butter, water filters and a razor (the pleasure of use won temporarily with using the eco option: a metal razor). Once every three years or less, I buy blush, eye shadows, and an eye pencil. I get a transparent lipstick at the pharmacy, maybe twice a year. And I buy the mascara once a year.

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