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Do you do great things? If yes, allow yourself to be tired.

Something (culture? fear? uncertainty?) pushes us to go from one pile of important tasks to another.

We all know we should stop. For our bodies, our minds and our loved ones.

I’m observing my child. After a day when we were on a trip – distant travel, new places, activities, hot weather – he needed a half day of deep sleep. To calm the mind full of new things. To put all new things to their places in his child’s brain. To give the rest to the body. To load batteries. To reset.

We should learn from children the art of rest. The respect to our basic needs. To bodies that carry us through our whole lives.

By having a good rest, you give yourself the chance to be 100% ready for your next great activities.

baby's need to rest, observe, learn and then relax

The article was originally published in July 2015.

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