Why New Items Are Sometimes Worse - Slow And Happy blog about simple life: why new items are worse

For a few months I’m very interested in living environmental friendly.

And sometimes I have periods when I want to give up and get back to be normal. At these times I start using paper towel and buying things. New things.

Today I’m experiencing a good example showing that buying new things can be terrible.

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I’ve bought a new kettle* to replace my 5-year old kettle that has worn out.

I always wash new things like tableware and clothes after bringing them from a store.

So I washed the kettle and then wanted to boil water and pour it out into the sink – twice.

During first boiling I smelled chemicals in the air. During second boiling – the same. That’s terrible. Like pouring out blue water after hand-washing your 2-year old cardigan. Such amounts of chemicals!

I’m wondering now when I’ll have the courage to drink from the new kettle*. Fortunately, I haven’t thrown the old one yet.

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