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7 New Books to Help You Embrace Simplicity

Less stress, less stuff, more free time, focus and peace of mind, smart work, in balance with the rest your life – life aligning with your values – if you’re looking for these things in your life, check the books about simple living presented below.

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Firstly, four new titles by already bestselling authors writing about minimalism:

1 | Lightly by Francine Jay

How to Live a Simple, Serene, and Stress-free Life.

In this book, you’ll find practical guidance to declutter by a woman, living simply for years. Her blog,, was one of the first I’ve found on the Internet and still read it.

Her second book shows how to practice lightness in the area of our possessions, activities, psychological and emotional well-being.

So Lightly goes beyond decluttering to uplift thoughts, actions, every moment, and sphere of our lives. Learn how to lighten:

Whether you want to clear out a closet, free up some time, or get rid of a nagging guilt, you can turn to the relevant page for the help you need.

What’s more, Lightly is a complete philosophy of life. When you’re tempted by an impulse purchase, trying to resist a chocolate donut, or struggling to say no to another obligation, all you have to remember is one word – lightly – to make good choices.

2 | The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life.

I recommend this book especially for people who are starting their adventure with minimalism and need help in decluttering.

Joshua, author of one of the oldest and best blogs about simple living ( is giving in his newest book practical guidance through every room, including checklists, as well as he addresses the issues that contribute to buying and keeping unnecessary items.

3 | The Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business.

Paul Jarvis developes the idea described earlier by Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson:

today we can work simpler.

Paul Jarvis focuses on the idea that bigger is not better in terms of business.

The author believes that your work should make you afford the lifestyle you want. And that’s it. Enough. You work to live and not the other way round.

You can check his blog to get the sense of his way of writing, simple but packed with interesting or useful information and very honest.

4 | Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World.

After the success of his book Deep Work (about focused work), the scientist Cal Newport dives deeper into the subject of our online and on-mobile activities. Naming many of their, not so positive, consequences.

This book can make you conscious about the dangers of the non-stop Internet use. And the reasons why we do this. And the difference between the early and today Facebook.

The author gives us also guidance to a big digital decluttering.

And now more various, fresh voices in the subject of simplifying life:

5 | Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith

More Style, Less Stuff.

It documents a normal person’s imperfect fixer-upper and her journey to find a balance between simplicity and coziness.

6 | Overcoming Overwhelm by Samantha Brody

Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out.

Isn’t it the stress that we want to say goodbye to by decluttering, by cutting the instant flood of information ect.? Isn’t it the stress that causes so many health issues today, lowering our quality of life?

Samantha Brody’s book teaches stress management by setting priorities for your life and following the next steps of her method.

This book has excellent reviews!

7 | Juliet’s School of Possibilities by Laura Vanderkam

A Little Story About the Power of Priorities.

This book, packed with time management and productivity strategies, is written in the form of a novel. When we follow the main character, we start understanding what is maybe wrong in our own approach to time, priorities, and possibilities.

The book guides us step by step to building our own set of rules to make us happier by making good choices, really valuing our time and our priorities.

Are you interested in starting a more minimalist lifestyle? Check the Go Minimalist Workbook with 40 printable pages based on the topics most searched on this blog:

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