17 non-clutter gifts ideas for adults and kids (a list by a minimalist)

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Before you buy traditional gifts such as random clothes, funny pajamas, accessories, decoration and other items, consider deciding this year for non-clutter gifts and letting people who you care about enjoy this small portion of benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.

Table of contents

Self-development & education
Quality/adventure time
Starting a minimalist lifestyle
Free/DIY gifts
Bonus: for a minimalist friend
Bonus: for a mom
Fun education
Quality/adventure time

non-clutter gifts for adults

self-development & education

1 | Creative Live courses

From inspiration to leadership and from communication to organizing your paperwork, from Photoshop to chalk lettering, from designing better presentations to designing a joyful life. You’ll find lessons from such big names like Neil Patel, Tim Ferriss, and Chase Jarvis.

I’ve taken The Art of Less Doing course and I’ve already made good changes in my life using the info from the lessons.

2 | How to Create a Microbusiness That Matters – course by Courtney Carver

It’s a simple but packed with lots of content and ideas course, teaching how to run a blog in a way that aligns with our values. I’ve taken it and find it an important step on the way to where I am now.

quality/adventure time

3 | Kindle Unlimited

Books are always a good idea. But those traditional are heavy and if someone really loves books – they can take too much space.

Instead of giving a material book, you can give access to over 1 million titles, magazines, and audiobooks at a discounted price to read/listen on any device. HERE you can check which books are accessible in the Kindle Unlimited program. There are also books on minimalism there!

Buy Kindle Unlimited as a gift – choose subscription for 6, 12 or 24 months.

See also my article: Best-Selling Books on Minimalism and Simple Living.

4 | Audible subscription

Non-clutter gifts are also these which can expand the abilities of stuff you already have.

Give access to audiobooks at a discounted price to listen on any device (phone, tablet, computer). HERE you can check which audiobooks are accessible in the Audible program.

There are also audiobooks on minimalism there! Even my favorite and best-selling:

Minimalism by TheMinimalists

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Everything That Remains by TheMinimalists

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Essential by TheMinimalists

10% Happier by Dan Harris

5 | Box of Challenge

Every month find in the mail a box with an hour of fun and excitement. Boxes include challenges, instructions, and a lot of inspiration and are perfect for spending quality time with family or friends.

starting a minimalist lifestyle

6 | Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe – the course by Courtney Carver

Decluttering the whole life might seem difficult. It’s reasonable to start a minimalist journey with baby steps, for example beginning with a review of the closet.

A step by step guide, including rules, examples and successful people’s stories.

7. A Simple Year 2019

[The registration for the course is closed. You can check other Courtney’s courses: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe, Creating a Microbusiness or the discounted Productivity Bundle 2019].

A slow and deep way to start a simple living journey. Every month has its dedicated subject and dedicated author – expert in the certain field and simple living enthusiast and practitioner at the same time. Every month articles and audio or video material is sent.

The program includes live webinars and a private Facebook group, gathering like-minded and supportive people.

Subjects include: clutter, money, wardrobe, food, travel, nature, kids, family, self-care, digital, relationships, gifts, gratitude, busyness.

Among the experts are authors I follow: Courtney Carver, Colin Wright, and TheMinimalists. A powerful team!


Non-clutter gifts can be material if the stuff will give us benefits but won’t be in our home forever.

8 | good food or supplements

Buy something that is edible but not necessarily usual. You can choose something that the person wouldn’t buy for herself because she thinks it’s too expensive or extravagant.

9 | good cosmetics

Look for something that won’t harm the health. Pass by average shop balms, creams, lotions and go for something including mostly natural ingredients.

It can be something as simple as the raspberry seed oil that I personally use as my sunscreen and which makes my skin so soft that I cannot stop touching it.

free/DIY gifts

10 | time together

Is there anything more precious today than a time spent with loved ones or friends, offline, with pleasure, talks and laugh? Let it be a trip, a hike, a walk, a day or night spent away from your daily duties.

Think about such a gift especially if your close person speaks the love language of the time (like me, so I know perfectly what I’m writing about).

11 | a simple dinner

It’s one variation of time spent together. Organize an afternoon when you’ll bring all needed ingredients (and of course ideas what to cook!) and prepare a delicious meal (or you can make cooking together fun). Eat with pleasure 😉

bonus: for a minimalist friend

12 | ask what they want

Pots? Beddings? A sweater? Socks? A mug? Good quality piece of clothing? A woolen sweater?

bonus: for a mom

13 | DIY tickets for babysitting

Certainly, one of my favorite non-clutter gifts to get. We, moms, often can feel overwhelmed. No home spa cosmetics would give us such pleasure (no time for it or constant yelling from behind the door Mamaaa! Coooome!), no sweets would give us such pleasure (we have to it them in conspiracy hiding in the dark kitchen when kids are sleeping) as the gift of time without our little loved but tiring ones!

If your sister, daughter or close friends is a mom of little kids, give her the gift of a few hours when you’ll babysit the kids at their home or go out with them. And the mom could sleep, watch a movie and eat interrupted or have a date with her husband!

It is worth so much more than any other gifts!

non-clutter gifts – ideas for kids

fun education

14 | Surprise Ride

Screen-free learning, well-chosen activities, all supplies included. Every package that arrives at kids’ doors is an exciting and educational story about the world we live in. Themed kits for offline learning. Interesting and adventurous lessons on geography, history, astronomy and more!

Give as a gift – buy 1 kit or 6- or 12-month subscription.

Order by the 15th of each month to receive your first Ride within a week. Otherwise, receive your first Ride around the 15th of the next month.

15 | Little Passports

Monthly packages of fascinating geography and science lessons that inspire kids’ imagination and keep them interested and engaged. That’s exactly what you get with LittlePassports monthly subscriptions. Different programs for kids in certain ages (beginning at 3 yo up to about 12 yo).

– World Edition: Ages 6-10, explore a new country each month with souvenirs and hands-on activities
– Early Explorers: Ages 3-5, discover a new world theme each month, like Oceans, Music & Dinosaurs
– Science Expeditions: Ages 9 and up, reveal mysteries of the world through science experiments & activities
– USA Edition: Ages 7-12, learn about two new states each month, with activity-packed State Journals

16 | Kindle Unlimited

Give access to over 1 million titles, magazines, and audiobooks at a discounted price to read/listen on any device. HERE you can check which books are accessible in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Buy Kindle Unlimited as a gift – choose subscription for 6, 12 or 24 months.

quality/adventure time

17 | Box of Challenge

Every month find in the mail a box with an hour of fun and excitement. Boxes include challenges, instructions, and a lot of inspiration and are perfect for spending quality time with family or friends.

For kids 8+ and adults.

18 | Wallbarz Indoor Playground

If you look for something that will serve the family for more years, giving the gift of body development and fun. The play and sports equipment is something much more than toys.

Wallbarz playgrounds are designed for children of all ages and skill levels to increase activity, health, creativity, improve early development, and lay the groundwork for future success. The goal is a full-body development of children, toddlers, and babies, combined with lots of fun for the whole family!

High-quality materials and the company’s stuff experience gives confidence that the home wall units are well-designed and of the best quality.

minimalist, non-clutter gifts for kids and adults, quality time and subscriptions

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