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November started. In the climate where I live it’s a month of darkness, wetness, grayness and cold… Don’t get sad. Because it’s only consciousness programming.

Wait! Would you really notice and call this specific month a soo sad and depressing month if not the media?

Don’t you think November as a month of sadness is an idea created to make you feel bad and need someone (something) to make you feel better?

Don’t you think November was created for magazines, portals and blogs to sell the same tips for light depression?

Don’t you think the sad picture of November was created to sell you more? More of ginger coffee, ginger cakes, hot wine, warm blankets and nail polish in bright colours?

Oh, you think you would notice the sadness of this time? Really? After Edison’s invention of lightbulb and when most of us sit at homes, in offices, not looking through windows and after work at home using windows blinds?

You can reprogram your November.

Get free from the picture created by culture.

Make your November yours. Here are another 30 days of your life! Don’t let them be bad. Don’t throw them to trash bin.

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