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Welcome to another collection of good articles and books! This month I’ve found valuable reads in the subjects of slow living, being less productive and idler. There is a capsule wardrobe challenge and a good book for parents.

Disclosure: the article contains affiliate links for which I may get compensation.

October's Powerful Reads: best articles and books that I've read in October and can recommend you. This month was about slow working, slow growing, less focus on productivity, building capsule wardrobes and laziness. #whattoread #bestreads #slowingdown #capsulewardrobe #idleness #laziness #unproductive

October's Powerful Reads: best articles and books that I've read in October and can recommend you. This month was about slow working, slow growing, less focus on productivity, building capsule wardrobes and laziness. #whattoread #bestreads #slowingdown #capsulewardrobe #idleness #laziness #unproductive

What I’ve read in October?


An article about the amount of free time in our lives. Inspired by a book, I’ve read in September and recommended to you here: Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
 The first one for bloggers, aspiring bloggers and I think may be useful also for different kinds of artists and free entrepreneurs.
The second article is telling a beautiful truth. Community and cooperation over competition.
I’m following Tammy’s blog for a couple of years. She used to live in a tiny home with her husband, a home that could be moved by driving on the road… She’s a minimalist, living intentionally. That’s what I love, completely my style!
What I like in this article is: the slow, the routine, no competition attitude and not doing it for likes attitude.
 Slow living and loving yourself philosophy well explained. I’ve written on the subject in these articles:
I highly recommend you creating a capsule wardrobe for you and your kids. My last thoughts on the subject as well as a list of benefits from having a minimalist wardrobe are here. You can get inspired by Caroline’s challenge: her intention and how-to.


Tom Hodgkinson, The Idle Parent
In September, I reread his book How to Be Free. And last month I came back to his thoughts on simple parenting. How I need this now, having two energetic toddlers who would like to have all mom’s attention!
In this book, Hodgkinson writes about a form of parenting, where a parent leads his own happy life while being a companion on the way of kids’ growth and raising up. He covers subjects like sleeping, (no) school, toys, parents’ work, home duties, electronics in kids’ life, family trips and much more. You can look inside the book to read the whole table of contents here.

Reading plans for November

Minimalism in… Should I call it goals management?
Articles: as little as possible.
Yes. This month I feel a huge need to slow down, maybe I even consider doing again an information diet.

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