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Soon the winter ends and we will begin to show more of our skin. We want it to look its best. So, ladies and gentlemen, we are coming back to the issue of simple body care. Oils for skin care (face, hair, nails) – do you know something about it?

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I have often mentioned here that I use coconut oil, which serves me multiple purposes (more uses of coconut oil that I’ve tried here). Every year I will also remind you of the raspberry seed oil as an alternative to artificial sunscreen (read more here). Because I’ve mentioned my oils use in many articles, several readers have asked me to develop the topic of using oils.

Oils for Skin Care - Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil - slow and happy blog #skincare #bodycare #oils #coconutoil #ecocosmetics

So I’m starting the series Oils for Skin Care in which I will describe the properties of individual oils that can be applied to the skin. At the same time, while teaching you, I plan to learn more by broadening my knowledge about the substances I already use and which benefits I clearly see.

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Oils for Skin Care - Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil - slow and happy blog

how I choose oils for the series

Oils for skin care that I choose to describe are also edible oils. I like the principle of dermatologist Yael Adler, that we should put on our skin only substances that we would eat (welcome, home-made face masks from the fridge!). Chemicals from drugstores should never have a place in our bathroom! Just as you do not apply domestos on your liver to moisturize or nourish, or clean it. Choose simple, eco-friendly or home-made cosmetics instead.

minimalist approach: choose one

If you decide for the oil body care, the question remains, how to plan the purchase of oil. Or oils? I am an advocate of choosing one oil that best suits your skin current needs. And I suggest to first use it until there is nothing left if it really suits you. After finishing the package you can buy the same or different oil.

Yes, I know that for those who live in default settings, not having seven bottles of cosmetics on the bathtub seems unattractive. Well, from such feelings only stores and manufacturers can benefit, not our health or finances. You can have one shampoo, one oil, one cup, one pair of sunglasses, one door to the house, one partner in bed. Minimalism feels good.

Oils for Skin Care - Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil - slow and happy blog

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how much oil will you use?

I am buying about three liters of coconut packaging in a year. And I use it for various purposes (details are here) in the kitchen and in the body care, for me and my two Boys.

RULES how to choose the right type of oils for skin care

If you plan to use oils in your skin care, buy them only virgin (unrefined) and cold pressed. Only those prepared in this way keep all their nourishing properties.

We should store oils in a dark, dry, cold place, minimizing (ha!) access of the air to the container.

Oils for Skin Care - Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil - slow and happy blog

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these oils are so much MORE

Oh. One more important information. From what I can see, I will write about very magical plants. Each of them has an amazing spectrum of healing properties. And I will not write about the treatment of diseases, even skin diseases. I want to write only about a tiny field, which is the use of oils from these plants for skin care. To improve skin’s condition and to make it naturally beautiful.

If the series Oils for Skin Care seems interesting to you, come back in a week (you can subscribe for email notifications – no spam, no letters, only info about new articles) and get to know the nourishing properties of the first oil I’ve selected.


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