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On Borrowing – Minimalist’s View

As a minimalist, I look consciously at more and more things in my life. Today I present you my thoughts on borrowing.

Borrowing things that you use only rarely gives you the chance to less be a slave of money, work, government, and market.

You don’t have to spend money. You save money.

But you also keep social connections.

You give someone else the chance to feel needed and helpful. You tell them a little of your story, a little of yourself by telling them what you need and why. You start building connections and more self-sufficient community (because its member doesn’t have to earn money and go to a shop if someone can borrow him the needed item). You stand up against competition as a rule in people’s relations and wrongly understood independence (by which I understand thinking that you can earn so much money that you’ll need no one else or that you could pay anyone any amount if you’d need.)

So start borrowing.

What do I borrow?

A clothes shaver from your mother. I use it maybe twice a year.

Clothes for a special occasion from your mother and sister – they are interested in trends and looking properly. And I’m a minimalist going for example to a wedding.

A juicer from my mother. I need it only for a certain period of time – like a diet to cure my disease – anemia.


A drill and other tools from my father to make small repairs or renovations at home.

Borrowing and sharing are economical, ecological (you don’t produce more waste – another things and their packagings), saves space at your home and supports relations.

Have I added value to your view on borrowing?

If yes, make me a gift and share this article with your friends.

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A nice and broad view on borrowing by a minimalist woman. Borrowing as an element of conscious, mindful life: eco-friendly and building relationships. Click to read the article!