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mini art: one important question to help you declutter

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As I’ve written two weeks ago, I’m going through decluttering at my home again.

I have much fewer easy decisions which everyone has during their first decluttering.

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of something even when I don’t feel that I would like to use a particular item in the future.

I was stuck with some decisions.

In my bathroom, I had magnesium oil (and more of magnesium powder to prepare the oil), which I bought maybe three years ago and used rarely. I decided that I’ll use it up.

But I didn’t want to keep it any longer. I didn’t feel the need to use it. No joy, no need.

But still, something in my head was telling me that I rather should keep and use it. Maybe because it’s healthy. Maybe because I’ve paid money for it.

And then came the enlightment.

I’ve asked myself a very simple question:

Would you buy it today?

So simple!

Is having this item at my home aligning with my today’s self?

The answer was no. Now the decision became easy.

I feel lighter not only looking at how many items I have in my bathroom.

I have also more free mind now. I got rid of the obligation to use the oil. And using the oil isn’t my need today. It would be a self-imposed duty.

Marie Kondo’s criterion of joy makes sense here.

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one question to help you declutter - minimalist blog Slow and Happy

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