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How to plan and organize short family trips with kids?

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Do you go for a minimum one week’s vacation once, or maximum twice a year? Me too. But because I feel so good outside, in nature and like everyone, I like to be in delightful places, I try to organize it somehow and give it to my children despite the fact that I can not be on fancy trips for six months a year. The solution is to have a family one day trip near me. And repeat.

In the summer, with my husband, we try to take advantage of the weather and go somewhere with our Boys once a week. Once it is a known place, another time a new. Sometimes we go a short distance from home, sometimes we drive for an hour. Once we leave home for two hours, another time for the whole day.

Today, I’ll tell you how to organize such family trips to reconcile it with work, not to spend a fortune on traveling, and so that adults and children are satisfied.

How do I plan and organize trips with children so that I do not get tired?

1 | When?

When is the best time for such a trip?

First of all, check when all family members will be available: when they are not working and do not have other commitments like appointments, scheduled bigger tasks.

If you can find a day outside of the weekend, when most people are at work, meaning there are no crowds in interesting places – you won the lottery! I personally almost do not leave my home on long weekends, and I go on holiday in June or September. So antisocial! 😉

Also make sure that no one will be fatally tired on this day after extraordinarily hard tasks until late the previous day, or that they do not need to be super rested for the next day.

Fourth, check the weather. If it is such that you would get tired and discouraged – give up. On that day, get important things done so that you can set off on another nice day.

2 | Where?

Since you’re only going for one day or part of it, and maybe with children, I would not go any further than an hour by car.

In the previous text, I wrote that the benefits that nature gives us, being outside, visiting the world, traveling, we can easily feel even near our home. You do not need to go to special places and take special equipment (list of essential to pack – below). All you have to do is leave the city and enter another world (of trees, birds, flowers, insects, rivers, etc.).

Driving for more than an hour, in my opinion, is tiring enough that it is not worth it, especially that outside the ride we do not plan to lie in the spa, but to explore the area. In my opinion, the nearest, ordinary forest will be better than a super-fancy-forest-with-attractions located two hours from the house.

3 | How much time do we want / can we spend there?

To go to the next points, for example about food, we need to know how far we plan to go. With young children, planning generally has better effects than being spontaneous.

So are we preparing for an hour, two, half day, all day?

4 | What are we going to do?

You get to the place and then what? Is letting your children be on the beach or walk through the woods all that you need or do you want to take a ball, badminton, bucket and a shovel, have a fire camp or barbecue?

List what the chosen place has to offer: a walking path, a glade to run around, a beach, a playground, water to throw sticks into it, a place for a barbecue, ruins to explore, a lookout tower to climb on…?

Knowing your children, think about how you can fill time so that children do not get bored, do not get tired, in the car too.

I am not talking about taking the role of an animator and offering children activities for every minute of the trip. I am of the opinion that sticks and soil are all that children need. Nevertheless, you know yours and it is worth planning to avoid the boredom and crying.

Think about activities in advance, for your own peace on this day.

Oh. And know this: Whoever gives tablets to children in the car will never get rid of a big problem – my wisdom.

5 | What do we take with us?

Depending on where you are going and what you plan to do, you may need a blanket, beach umbrella, sun oil, tissues or paper towel – it’s all that comes to my mind. Really, for one day or less, to go to one place, you don’t need a lot.

Think about what are your kids’ needs: do you need diapers? Or the recently favorite toy to keep in the car?

If you are going to be in a potentially pant-go-wet place or have a kid at the stage of the potty training, take extra clothes.

6 | How to get dressed for a family trip?

Of course, you’ll choose different clothes if you plan to eat in a restaurant in a pretty little town, and different, if you plan that your kids will play in the mud and cover themselves with resin.

If you go to the forest, my paranoia tells you: dress your little ones in reflective colors, then it’s easier to keep an eye on them.

If the weather is uncertain, take some warmer clothes, they can always just stay in the car.

As in the point above: if your kids can have contact with water, take multiple changes of clothes for them.

7 | Food for one day trip near me

Think about something that can be kept outside the fridge, which does not pour, stick, make hands dirty or create crumbs.

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Meat sticks can be enough for short trips.

And for a longer time, you can take also sandwiches, sweet rolls (or a simple cake cut into slices), salty sticks, fruit, if it does not make you and your kids sick (and it does a little, it does 🙂 ).

In addition, take water in a bottle used already many times, because you are not so stupid that you buy for your kids new, half-liter plastic bottles of water every time you need to take water? At least I have such crazy convenience at home that I normally have water in the tap, even in two taps, and it is safe to drink, and if I want, I can pour it through the filter and from the filter to a bottle that has already many months and I… wash it after every use. Do you have taps in your homes?

And if you are experiencing just a November called May or as recently – November called July, you can take a thermos with coffee and tea to freeze only from outside.

And let’s go!

This summer we have already been on many trips in our surroundings. Not to mention the journeys of my Men without the wife and mom.

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