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I’m living on a beautiful estate, which I call green. We live like in a park. There are big trees, various bushes, flowers, little trees and other plants. A fountain, benches, nice pavements. There is a quite big area without streets. It’s nice to walk here. Wind, fresh air, sun and shadow, green colour, birds. And insects playing their music on summer nights.

It sounds like paradise. It looks so.

But the sad truth about such green estates is: lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, chainsaws, blowers to clean pavements of autumn leaves. So much lawns – so much lawn mowing. Beautiful plants over pavements – lot of noise to care about them and their appearance.

Noise and exhaust fumes.

Maybe living anywhere and going sometimes to a forest is better than being waken up by big machines and shuting windows for the half of the day because of the noise (so no fresh air goes inside).

Maybe nature should be left alone.

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Ula Archer

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