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Paying for the content on the Internet – the problem exists

For some reason, Internet authors – various website managers want to earn some money from the places they create.

Whether we assess it as good or bad – it doesn’t matter. The issue exists, the desire exists.

And when there is the need, solutions emerge on the market.

As for websites’ monetization, there are stupid ads, the possibility to promote other people’s or businesses’ products. Some people create their own products or services to sell on the side of their writing. There are paid subscriptions, different types of membership sites, tipping, getting patrons.

Many of Internet creators have chosen one or more ways of monetizing their creations.

We’d like to have some money in exchange for our time and ideas, and the willingness to share.

Some businesses, like Google with their ads, have shown us that it’s possible, it’s doable.

We’re in. This won’t change.

It’s up to the audiences – how much do they want their favorites creators to keep creating more of what drove people to them? – whether the authors will keep doing what they’re doing or to which extent they will use their time, energy and focus to… learn and practice advertising.

Oh, and don’t think it’s a text about my little blog in my funny English.

It’s what I observe online. Smart thinkers, having their original, valuable point of view, or thoughts, or lifestyle, changing into marketing machines, publishing original, vauable content less and less often.

The subject isn’t new. What made to write about it today is a good article I’ve found on the Signal v. Noise blog. It’s the blog of the authors of a fantastic book on working smarter, not harder: Rework. If I’d have to choose the best quotes from the book, I’d have to highlight the whole book. Almost every sentence is packed with sense, meaning, information. Really.

And the interesting article is here: I’ll pay what they’d pay.

paying for the content on the Internet - the problem