The one sign that you’ve reached a perfect capsule wardrobe and how to get there

I’m happy that capsule wardrobes or minimalist wardrobes have gotten very trendy in the past few years. Even if someone tried it and failed, actually there is no fail. By just trying, just starting we already get more awareness that cannot be ungot. Today I’ll show you in which areas decluttering your wardrobe can bring you consciousness (simply: benefits of a perfect capsule wardrobe) and how to start the process. But first I’ll tell you what I promise in the title.

my story

As a minimalist, I keep decluttering all categories of my and my household belongings. One of them is of course clothes. Everyone has and needs them.

So I’ve tried to reach my optimal number and kind of clothes. I took me years, years of mainly looking for my style. Comfortable or more feminine cuts? Neutrals or reds and pinks, and blues? Easier to find clothes of artificial fabrics or making the effort to find 100% cotton? Those were my searches. I couldn’t be sure what my style is until…

the one sign that you’ve reached a perfect capsule wardrobe

… until I’ve realized that I was just buying things for my wardrobe to replace the worn-out pieces. And I was looking to buy exactly the same items that I had.

– I bought exactly the same model of basic red top to replace the worn-out one.

– I bought dark blue skinny jeans to replace my old, bad-looking dark blue skinny jeans.

– I bought a new bag in the same little shop where I bought my previous two (I have only one bag at a time). They hadn’t the same model nor color but I bought a bag the most similar to my old bag – of similar size and color.

If you’re interested, here you can check what can be found in minimalist’s bag.

This means I didn’t want to change the elements of my wardrobe even when I could shop for new, different pieces! So at least these three elements of my clothing are perfect for me now and I wouldn’t want to replace them with something different.

Advertisements teach us to want more, to want new, to need the same thing but in a newer shape or color. Cases when this rule doesn’t work and when we really love our things and don’t want to replace them are just precious. It’s like with my Body Shop comb – it’s with me for 6+ years, perfect, pretty, I love it and I never ever think of replacing it.

benefits of having a capsule wardrobe:

1 | Consciousness.

Trying to reduce our collections of clothes always makes us more conscious of what we have and what we need. We start thinking why we were making bad choices (purchases) in the past. We become aware of which pieces we really like, in which clothes we feel comfortable, which style is our style. We start to recognize what fits with our body shape and which colors match our skin, hair and… character.

2 | Beauty.

You look perfect in everything you have because the clothes in your wardrobe are well chosen.

3 | Time and attention.

You save your time and attention on every morning questions and decisions what to wear because you have a limited choice and only perfect fitting clothes in your closet.

4 | And even more time.

You can save even more time by choosing your clothes in such a way that they don’t need more care than only washing and drying them.

Read alsoSmart Tips for Buying the Best Clothes.

5 | Space.

You have more space and air in your wardrobe which finally looks neatly or you can have a smaller closet and enjoy more space in your room.

6 | Money.

You save money not only because you own fewer clothes but also because you avoid buying unnecessary or not matching clothes.

How to create a perfect capsule wardrobe:

1 | challenge yourself with Courtney Carver.

You can find tips for decluttering wardrobe on the blog Be More With Less. Its author, Courtney Carver, minimized her wardrobe with what she calls The Project 333. She dressed with just 33 items for 3 months. Because she felt good with it, seeing for example benefits described above, she decided not only to continue the minimalist fashion challenge in her life but also to write about it, encouraging other people to try. She has also written the book Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really Is So Much More which teaches her method and goes more into details.

2 | ask yourself one question with Marie Kondo.

Get to know the KonMari method of decluttering in the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up (later you can go more in-depth in her method in her second book). Find chapters about dealing with clothes, follow Marie Kondo’s rules and after a few hours or even less enjoy your perfect capsule wardrobe consisting of your favorite clothes!

3 | pretend you’re moving with The Minimalists.

Try the method which I absolutely love – Packing Party, created by Joshua and Ryan, The Minimalists. In this method, you pack (or, in my version, just hide) all your belongings, in this case, all your clothes. You unpack pieces that you need to wear. And they make your perfect capsule wardrobe. After a time that you choose (for example three weeks) there will be many unpacked clothes. Unless they are for another weather, you probably should get rid of them.

4 | experiment with me!

After 5+ years of being a minimalist, I’ve worked out my method to deal with clothes overload and chaos. I’ve described them by the example of kid’s capsule wardrobes, but you can easily follow the same steps to declutter your wardrobe.

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