Phylicia Masonheimer’s productivity course’s flash sale (-69%) + how I benefited from it

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Recently, you’ve learned WHY I decided to come back to scheduling my time and taking care of both my big goals and everyday homemaking duties.

Then, I’ve showed you my system HOW I plan my weeks.

You also already know that Phylicia Masonheimer’s Driven Women Grace Based Productivity for Christianscourse was a big step, adding effective improvements to my time management.

I’m happy to inform you that the Ultimate Productivity Bundle in which this course is included, is now on 2-day flash sale for only $37 (normally $49.97). And knowing that outside of the Bundle this course costs $120… you just have to hurry and catch this deal!

Here are a few ways how Phylicia Masonheimer’s changed my view and methods of time management (oh, and she’s teaching from a perspective of a homemaker, mom to two young girls working from home):

  • the course is well structured, guiding us step after step, building our own plans, methods, habits aligning with our situation and character
  • Phylicia teaches how to choose the amount of tasks we can take on ourselves taking into account our situatons, and how to choose tasks we can in fact accomplish
  • the analysis helped me to get conscious why I wasn’t accomplishing some types of planned things to do (in my case it was mainly not recognizing the connection between a certain task and my goal)
  • Phylicia lists our natural reactions to failure – I wasn;t aware of them! Now, I can choose my reaction or observe my schemes of reacting and find a way to change it
  • I’ve learned how to healthy respond to a failure
  • I’ve got a list of benefits of having a schedule which really motivates me to keep it.

All in all, I highly recommend you this course and the whole Bundle where you can find more interesting resources, including different types of planners and home chores schedules.

Diving into this subject of TIME is really changing my life this year.

So, check out the Bundle before the sale ends and here you have a look at first essons of Phylicia’s course:

driven woman - christian productivity ecourse for women discounted
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