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power of sharing your story - why you should blog

The power of sharing your story. Why should you blog?

On the blog I inspire and teach simple living and regaining our resources – space, time, attention – to live a happier life. But those texts are not just how-to’s or cold lists of tips. Among the words which I write to you, you can read my story. You get to know what I’ve experienced, how I think etc. From time to time I just write a completely personal post. Why? Why do I write the blog? Why do people read blogs? Today I’ll show you how the power of sharing your story with others worked in my life. A few thoughts about sharing our personal stories.

what did I gain thanks to other people who shared their stories?

As an adult, I’m constantly changing and developing myself. I work on my habits, review my opinions, I learn to do things (you can wait for the review of The Art of Less Doing course on the blog, with this link you’ll get $15 for any CreativeLive course). I become more and more conscious. I’m grateful for how I’m changing, what I’m experiencing and who I’m becoming.

And how do these changes start? How am I choosing and reviewing my directions? Mostly thanks to other people’s stories, experiences, their lives examples.

Examples below will help you to believe in the power of sharing your story:

No. My life would be much poorer if I wouldn’t have known such stories of other people.

so what the power of sharing your story is?

Tell and write about your experiences, because your story and example of your life can work much better as an inspiration for life changes than any theory of any experts, authorities, researches, and surveys.

Think about it: would you change because a politician or a teacher (who wasn’t chosen by you) or a priest tells you to do it? Or would you do something rather because you see how it works in the lives of other people? Especially if it has improved their lives, making them happier?

Just stories of just people can change other people’s lives for better.

And remember that every one of us is unique and so are our stories, life decisions, and experiences. Keep telling about your life, your changes, your successes, little discoveries, and everyday life tricks. Maybe someone needs exactly your example and your words?

how to share your story with others?

The easiest, simplest and cheapest way to share your story is to start a blog. You can put there your thoughts and your worldview, report your changes and your tips.

In the beginning, to inspire and help your friends and family circle – you’ll get to them easily through social media. And then maybe even to a larger audience.

You never know which small portion of information can change someone’s life.

And blogging is a lot of fun!

why do I love blogging and can’t stop it for years?

Because blogging is a very diversified matter.

Being a blogger is like being a Renaissance polymath, fluent in different subjects.

You’re both creative and technical. You write, take photos or choose and retouch other people’s pictures, and you work in HTML and get to know various Internet tools.

And you meet people.

And new possibilities open to you. It’s another power of sharing your story. Sharing benefits your readers and you.

You become a teacher or inspiration for other people. They start caring about you. You give, they also start giving to you.

and technically?

You can start blogging on free platforms. Best of them are and Blogspot/Blogger.

But if you really want to be serious about it and build your little place on the web, you need to buy a domain and hosting (prices start at $3.95/month).

A domain is the URL address of your website (for example, usually the same as your blog’s name.

And hosting is a server. It is a storage for the blog’s data. Plus it’s working 24 h/day and is able to send and receive data, which means that people can see your blog in their browser.

Bluehost is now among most recommended by bloggers domains and hosting providers.

If you’re not sure why it’s worth to choose Bluehost, read my article explaining, why they’re such a trusted services provider: Why Bloggers Choose Bluehost in 2018? A Few Words about the Trusted Hosting Company

When you already have a domain and hosting, it’s time to install WordPress – the most popular blogging software. WordPress installation in Bluehost is as easy as one click. They provide tutorials and have a help section. And with any questions, you can contact them on chat.

one click wordpress instalation

And why the power of sharing your story should be powered exactly by WordPress? It makes writing posts and managing your blog as easy as writing a usual text document (like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages). Settings navigation is also very simple.

And when you have already installed WordPress, the best part begins. You choose a theme (the look of your blog). There are a lot of free themes to install easily from WordPress dashboard.

You can also choose things that appear in the sidebar or create menus… And the time to share your story comes!

You can just start blogging and publish new posts or you can learn about the blogosphere and implement some tools or tactics to make it more professional. To avoid getting overwhelmed by blogging tips or even musts, I’ve written the Slow Blogging guide for bloggers to regain their blog-life balance. I show there the way to blog simply: slowly and without unnecessary stress.

Some of my blogging tools:

Basics: domain and hosting, WordPress.

Devices: laptop, phone.

From whom I learn: Courtney Carver, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.


power of sharing your story - why you should blog

Reasons why and examples how your story, experiences and worldview can change other people's lives! And how to start a blog to share your personal story. Click to read! :)