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My estate was built in the time of soviet regime in my part of Europe. The project was very good and ambitious, the estate was full of plants and between the blocks were many small playgrounds. Over the past several years, the housing cooperative liquidated them. In places where climber sets used to be, today we have alleys and squares. Where there were sandpits, now there are beautiful flower beds. There remained one small neglected playground, maybe it does not belong to the cooperative. The housing cooperative left one playground for our raising children instead of many. It is big with a really attractive appliances. But only one. For thousands of residents.

All children and all those who care for them, and even kindergartens and orphanages – come to this one playground.

Slow and Happy: Children today – reflections from a playground that will make you leave city today - Slow and Happy blog about conscious life, conscious parenthood

1. Several dozens of kids at one time on one limited space.

Parents with strollers and all children-connected products hardly fit on the benches, where they spend time sunbathing. You need cleverness and speed to fight for a place.

Children from small are prepared to live in our society: as parents expect to find a parking space, annoyed at his absence and fight for the just released. Hundreds of children on a playground are going through the same nerves and emotions, wanting to make use of the toy. All swings are busy. There is only one pilot seat in the airplane…

2. Children treat others as air.

Literally. I was a witness. Society of some zombies is growing.

3. Mums are sitting on the benches. Sometimes entire groups including dads and friends. Like girls and boys school groups.

They do not pay attention where are their children nor what are they doing. I go to the playground since one week, up to one hour a day. It’s not much. Children’s great. Already twice some kid asked me for help, because they knew that the parent will not be interested in their needs, and in the second case – because the child got lost (and the parent did not noticed it, chatting in the group of his own friends).

4. Kids from all over the estate are shouting on this one playground.

Children, teenagers, bouncing balls … It is certainly not a healthy level of decibels.

5. Children eat rolls and sweet juices for kids.

I copy here an excerpt from my another article. Hopefully, some will open their minds to the truth:

No, the big companies are not taking care of your well-being or health!

Large companies, nor governments of any state nor other organizations care about your financial, mental, spiritual well-being, or your health.

Dentist earns thanks to broken teeth, they have no interest in healthy teeth. Pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on the sick, not healthy.

Yes, you need to take care of yourself, take your life and your health in your own hands, because no one else will do it for you!

And think quickly about matters such as: detergents kill thousands of people each year, measles kills up to one hundred people – who has already been of severely weakened health. And we are obliged by the state to take vaccination for measles, but no one prohibits the sale of washing powder.

6. Every other or every third child wears glasses.

On the playground! This means for me they have to be half-blind. At least during my childhood optics looked so that friends, wearing glasses, took them off for physical activity. And they saw everything they needed.

Raising children in the city

I do not want to give you to understand that I’m an antisocial freak. I want to suggest to you the idea that the city – the dense cluster of strangers, is not a natural nor a good place to live for homo sapiens. I want to tell you that you do not want to raise your children in a city.

The state, raising children and obedient parents

It was about health and now some sad reflections about people programmed by the state and the powerful for thoughtlessness and obedience:

Instead of many playgrounds we have one big. Large, attractive, with new appliances every two years. And the state gave social benefits for raising children and for unemployed or low-paid mothers. So people are happy.

The authorities will build you one playground, give money for child and they think that you will be satisfied. And unfortunately, you probably are.

We’ll give you the money into your account every month, we will give you the law allowing you to return purchases without any reason in stores, we’ll give you a free education (university as well), we will help you with paying off your credit, and your mother will be able to die in our hospital, without requiring you to change her dirty sheets. We’ll give you. We give. Just do not think. Do not ask. You got a playground and money for your child, you have free vaccinations – just stay satisfied and grateful and do not want anything else.

And they do not want anything more. I have heard a conversation of a couple of guys, one of which recently moved with his family to our estate. They admired – as men – a military car, which is one of the attractions of the playground. And the daddy listed:

Here we have the playground, there kindergarten, there a school, a clinic here. And there is a greengrocer.

– Well, you do not regret.

He does not regret. The authorities made living and raising children here very comfortable. There is where to delegate a child and where to put it after the opening hours of state institutions. It is close to the lady who always will prescribe an antibiotic and a syrup, not considering, what is the reason for the disease. Greengrocer, in the sense of beer and rolls. And a big TV hanging on the wall of the apartment. People need a little.

I plan to write for you an article about the true parenthood, which exists outside of the above sick image.

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