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Nature is something that keeps us alive. Without food, water, air and sunshine we would not exist. Therefore, our goal should be to not change the nature. And how is it in practice? You know it.

We will not turn back the construction of existing cities or development of the networks associated with the current and different artificial waves. But we can burn less fuel, use less chemicals and reduce the waste produced.

At least I leave here my children. I want them to live in the cleanest possible world. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but primarily for health.

You could say that it’s all the old cliches. That you’ve already heard it all. But what have you done in this subject?

Do you have influence?

If you answer me that the impact of the average man on the amount of garbage is unnoticeable, especially in the market of mass produced crap – produced often ignoring the demand, ie. producing excessive amounts, when part of the production is doomed to milling or landing in a landfill.

Bea Johnson, practicing the concept, which she called the Zero Waste Home, is a person from which everyone could learn something. Try to follow even only one of her tips on the reduction of the production of garbage.

I remember someone mocked her actions. Well, Bea Johnson, when buying pills, removes them from the pack in a pharmacy and there she leaves a cardboard box and plastic trays. The person whose comment I read, summed it as a scam. Because the trash is produced in connection with the consumption of this lady, and she just does not bring it to her home. Ok, while wanting to outdistance each other in the sport of who throws less garbage, Bea’s idea can be seen as cheating. But do we want to talk in the context of competing with each other?

Look at it differently. What would happen if every other pharmacy’s customer refused to take the package with him? Do not you think that pharmaceutical companies would start to surpass each other with ideas, to get to those customers? For their own profits they would try to speak the language of these people and support their values. Think about it.

And after going through this in your mind, roll up your sleeves and rack your brains to seek solutions to these puzzles:

– each candy separate packaging
– separate packages of sugar or ketchup portionsseparate packages for each chewing gum at restaurants
– plastic cutlery, packed in a set in a plastic bag
– chemicals from the farmers fields
– plastic bathroom mats
– plastic sanitary towels
– tons of diapers
– tea bags
– disposable wipes, produced using a strong chemical
– wet wipes moistened with lot of chemicals (yuck!)
– plastic packaging of these wipes
– plastic milk and juices packaging
– dental floss packaging – hideously thick plastic!

Read: Brushing teeth with coconut oil: my impressions after 6 months and a visit to the dentist

– ear buds plus a box of thick plastic
– large thick paper envelopes, in which private clinics give you your tests’ results that takes only half of a sheet of paper
– plastic shopping bags
– a plastic box, in which you buy at the supermarket eight tomatoes
– a plastic box plus plastic net, in which kiwis are sold
– plastic bags, in which bananas grow (on trees!) .

Yes, you can tell this is the world, you can tell hygiene and progress, and close the browser tab. But you can also the brain as well and recognize that you do not have to go the way that everyone goes.

How to reduce the amount of waste produced at home

I try to buy the least prepacked food, eg. sweets. I buy rice in the bag and not in portions (textural box, 4 plastic bags and then you cook this plastic … delicious).

You can avoid restaurants based on disposable packagings.

I do not have a plastic rug in the bathroom.

You can buy leaf tea. I do not buy coffee packed in small portions like 3-in-1.

I use cotton handkerchiefs, like probably your grandfather used.

You can refuse to buy wet wipes. Even for the baby. I was using them almost exclusively after giving birth in a hospital.

I do not buy ready-made juices. I prefer to eat an orange and apple.

You can refuse packing in plastic shopping in stores, you can refuse to take the excessive flyers, cardboard folders for each signed contract and envelopes to your tests results.

If during shopping you anyway want to put some vegetables into plastic bags, bring used plastic bags with you – reuse them, do not peel away new bags at the shop.

If you have a choice – buy all the least packaged.

And since I learned how grow bananas on plantations (from the start in plastic bags!) – I plan to boycott buying them.

Small changes, but permanent

You do not have to change everything at once, probably it is even not possible. One change that will be with you forever is better than to withstand in perfect condition for two days. Similarly Leo Babauta has already treated its readers, except that the topic was diet changes. Instead encouraging to be absolutely perfect from the first day, he gave only one rule: with each meal eat one vegetable. Even if you eat fast food seven times a day. A small profit is better than none.

You may choose to use in your home one of my or Bea’s ideas.

And who can solve the issue of cotton swabs or dental floss in the context of reducing waste – please share your idea in the comments. I heard about the possibility of cleaning the teeth by a simple thread, but my first attempt ended in failure: in some places thread cannot fit between teeth and is some places it tears and leaves its remains between teeth.

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