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Why I’m coming back to planning, organization, and efficiency

Something is changing in me in the subject of time management, task lists and the like. Whether it will change for a long time or soon I will return to my old self – we will see. So far I’m experimenting, putting myself into a new mode of functioning. This mode with planning and ticking-off tasks. Maybe this is not a discovery, many people probably do it every day, but for me, it’s practically the first time. The first time when I stick to the plan for more than three days. Recently I can even keep my diet for weeks, not just for two days like it always has been. Something is moving forward here, for sure.

At the beginning, I’ll put in front of you three statements about me, so that you know what type of person I am, what kind of approach I can take to – do not let us run away from this statement – putting my life into tables:

  • Firstly, I have a huge need for control over everything. I know that we do not control our lives, we can not, it’s impossible, and this approach is difficult, disastrous, unreal and harmful. However, somewhere in the layout of my psyche, I have it in my subconscious. And I feel this sick satisfaction with productivity, with ticking-off, with crossing-out – when I actually do my job.
  • Secondly, I am lazy and I’m in love with the slow life idea, and I’m even a romantic intellectual and I would like to live my life for 95% of my time, and only for 5% of time to manage my life (to shop, clean, prepare food, buy necessary things, put stuff back in its place, feed my family, dress kids, wash them…)
  • Thirdly, on the one hand, I like to say that the house is for me, not me for the house, on the other, I love this feeling when I have it beautiful and clean as in a palace, and when I take a bath in a freshly cleaned bathtub, in a bathroom emptied of toys and other items which don’t belong there.

As you can see, I’m attracted to the extremes:

lie on the balcony! – vs. – achieve!


keep lying outside and reading! – vs. – clean up and have a queen’s palace like from the magazine!

Recently, I am slowly growing up (it’s high time, because we have enough kids in the old and obese bodies today!), because I notice the sense of taking care of the state of things and the physical home, and introducing and keeping good habits in relationships, this means also in the way I raise our Boys.

I see that if I do not make decisions about certain items and the amount of those left with a question mark will grow, in a few years there will be more of them, and it will be even harder to face it. I guess people who do not want to look in such things, after many years, land with houses cluttered with junk, with houses that probably will wait in this state for the owner’s death, unless the owner belongs to one percent of people who can find the strength for revolution.

I see the usual trivial fact that if I clean something or tidy up a place regularly, then any such cleaning or tidying up is much easier than if I would take care of these places very rarely. Because now I’m cleaning dirt that has been accumulating for a month, not for a year.

I see that I have an influence on our Boys, that is, that it is possible to teach them something that would seem impossible to learn, it is possible to introduce rules that seem impossible to introduce and rhythms, about which I did not dare to dream… provided that, not seeing any effects in the first months, I will repeat, and repeat, and repeat a certain pattern.

So a certain degree of organization, planning, the introduction of rules, hours, dates – it makes things easier, facilitates, and in the end, makes life more pleasant.

And on the other hand, I am this impatient, ever-changing type, this Sagittarius, this inconstant fire, this spontaneity, this freedom, this Woman, feeling intuition, energies, and other flows, she that would like to do tasks with flow, and to drink coffee on the balcony, and to stare at the stars, and go on trips, and not closing herself at home, and washing the toilet.

And think of a solution, a how-to for such a type of person. For such a Sagittarius, depicted as a centaur, which is a human from head to waist, and below – a horse.

My soul (or psyche) is not a solid Capricorn, the accountant of the Zodiac, who feel good only when put in chains of tables and schemes. And I can breathe and live only when I’m free!

In this return to the principles of productivity, my goal is not to do more. I want to act efficiently and, above all, I want to complete what I want to do and what I want to be done.

I want my life goes forward the ways I want to have it. So that I finally sew a drawer of clothes waiting to be sewn. So that my head is free from remembering things to do. And my head either has too many things on the list, or of too many categories, or it has some other problems because it throws me these tasks to do randomly, not at all in terms of validity or the ability to do it at a given moment. On a walk, my head reminds me that I have these pants to sew at home, and it does not remind me that I had to check X, what can I do on the phone. I want to no longer have this uncontrolled trash and chaos in my head.

As a mother and not only, physically, practically, painfully I’m experiencing the fact that the day is not made of chewing gum. I can not stretch it. I just don’t have enough time for everything I think I would like or should do!

So I want to do my tasks efficiently, tick off when I can and above all: choose to do the most important tasks and not the nonsense which I could do, but I do not have to, or which I do not have to do right now.

I already have some kind of system, I’m still learning some methods (which have sense, I have to admit!). I observe myself, the patterns in which I fall, I test. And I think it’s good.

Well, today was WHY, and soon I will describe to you my current system, i.e. HOW I manage tasks and time – how to be productive within the limits of reason, because remember: slow life, motherhood, laziness. I do not turn myself into a machine which life purpose is to achieve.

In the meantime, I can tell you that politely, step by step, with taking notes and completing assignments, I go through one course from the Productivity Bundle, and it brings me good things to life, to my organization, above all I start to understand certain mechanisms and specific methods connected with productivity and time management.

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