mini art: Seasons Changes and Seriously Slowing Down

A week ago we had first really warm days here. I’ve pulled spring outdoor clothes out of our wardrobe. And on Friday winter came back, bringing, in my opinion, more snow than in any moment during this winter. The world, watched through home or car windows looks like a wonderland, that’s true. But after these months of autumn and winter, our bodies long for warmth and sun. Spring, come back, once and for all!

During this week, I’ve tried to go out of the chaos. But I didn’t force anything, like more work, more decluttering to put my life back in order. I’m too tired for that. My laptop is broken, limiting what I can do on the blog. I’m just observing myself and trying to find my balance in life and a schedule that will work for me as a woman, mom, wife, blogger, reader, and home manager.

My week in pictures:

Home preschool. Why are we choosing to home(pre)school our Boys?

Beetroot juice for us is not just a juice. It’s my treatment against anemia. I’ve described how I cure anemia (iron deficiency) with a diet – suitable even for vegans – here and here.

It’s possible that I’ve wanted too much and I’ve wanted it too hard for a too long period of time. I’m the kind of person who pushes, pushes, pushes, who want to plan and do… everything.

This week I’ve read a book where I’ve seen again the statement that in the life, if you have a goal, if you want to get somewhere, you have to make the first step, then the second and third, not thinking about the seventieth and not thinking about the big goal.

It’s hard for me to practice it in my life because I’m the type who wants to be in control of things. If I have a goal, a dream, I want to know the detailed answer how to get there and know it now.

The truth is that I should trust God/World/Life. (Thank God that in January I’ve found Norman Vincent Peale’s books. They’re changing me and they’re relieving my stress.)

The truth is that I have to make the first step and give all my energy, knowledge and passion to it.

The truth is that maybe my dream is not available for the person who is here, who made first three steps. Maybe the dream is available for the person who went seventy steps on this way.

Maybe I’ll get answers later on the way.

So now I’m going back to the slow life, trusting the Life, accepting who I am and who I am not. For example, I’m a stay at home mom and not a single 20-year man.

And my minimalist wardrobe this week, including two of five dresses bought in February:

capsule wardrobe of a minimalist mom - winter spring

Check my minimalist’s wardrobe challenge to know, why I’m taking these photos.

My best article about capsule wardrobes, including the whys and the hows is called The One Sign That You’ve Reached a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe and How to Get There.

And all articles about capsule wardrobes for adults and kids are here.

And a good resource for starting a minimalist wardrobe is Courtney Carver, creator of the Project 333 and author of the course Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe.

Oh, and today I’ve spent so much time on deleting spam comments (viagra, loans, testosterone, loans). And it’s not the first time. It’s not worth a few hours of my life monthly. Unfortunately, I’m disabling comments on the blog.

Have a good week!