Why don’t I send my kids to educational institutions?

My Dear Readers,

more often this stupid (or maybe not?) question appears and will appear in my conversations with people. Almost everyone assumes in advance that the weaned baby must be given to a stranger and as part of small talk, if not about the weather, you can talk to me about kindergartens… Because people assume that at least our Older attends one or will attend from September…

I have already responded to this suprising abnormality of mine a few times. I was saying something so as not to offend anyone, probably not to delve into the topic, maybe to justify myself. Something like: I can be at home with them, so I am.

An introvert finds great answers, has brilliantly composed thoughts, can think clearly and sharply, if necessary. But after the fact. After a conversation.

Because these conversations will come, I sometimes play them in my head.

One – to know what I want to tell people, the other – to discover what is the most important reason for me not to send our Boys to kindergarten, and hopefully to school in the future.

I can provide you with a lot of rational and logical arguments. I have already written down many of them and published them on the blog (11 crucial reasons to homeschool your kids).

But beyond objective arguments. Why do I want that, why do I do that?

If I had to answer honestly from the depths of my Being…

then, yes, we will find ourselves in somewhat transcendental, divine, or maybe only Paulo-Coelau climates (actually, I would reread his books after years).

This is my truth, why I do not send our Boys away from home to strangers, to classes, time and places chosen according to procedures invented by someone, who does not think about our good as a priority.

I just feel that this is the best lifestyle for us right now. I feel it.

Instinct, intuition, destiny, calling, inner voice, Holy Spirit, conscience, moral code, my values ​​- something around these words would fit.

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At the moment, the circumstances in my life allow me to be a mother and homemaker full-time.

And I have one life. At least now I play this one life, and possible subsequent ones are uncertain, unknown, many talk about them, no one really knows.

I have one life, so I will do it: as long as I can, I will be faithful to my I feel, to what God talks to me, my values. Loyal to myself.

Because I hear this voice in my head, and life in no way makes it difficult for me to be a great mother who stays with kids at home.

Do you believe in God and the final judgment? If I would now listen to everyone and start driving our Boys to women with a master’s degree in pedagogy, certified by the state, with non-toxic paints on the walls, and someday this God would ask why I did it, even though I heard His voice in my head, would my explanation be enough for him, that because everyone, because the priest, because the husband said, because the president, because the neighbor, because the mother, because the grandmother…?

I am. I am someone. I have myself. I am somebody. I’m on my way somewhere. I have this one life.

I choose to remain faithful to my intuition, my inner voice, values ​​or the divine strength.

Because as far as I have observed this world, I know that if – hopefully not! – there was a need, I can always sell myself for a few dollars. There will always be the proper time. The world of masses will always accept me if I promise to paint my face, wear a polyester jacket, leave my opinion at home and arrive on time for these worldly few dollars.

And this is the truest answer, the first reason why my Boys do not go to kindergarten. Harder and softer arguments follow, but only after this one.

(If someone wants to argue that I should give up my romantic words because this decision affects my kids, I will tell you so: the decision to send your kids for long hours every day to an institution full of strangers also affects kids).

There are a lot of you here who see the weakness (or non-necessity!) of the state in raising children. I know that even more of you have already looked in this way at your health issues: that we can not be sure that a doctor will actually cure, that pharmacy chemicals will in fact cure.

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