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Every month I publish a list of best reads from the previous month, called Powerful Reads. Best book and articles that I’ve found and read last month – here for you.
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September’s Powerful Reads


Sarah Titus’ Blog

I’m really touched by her story. Sarah and her kids were left by their husband and dad. She was in a poor situation, but she was sure that she wants to stay at home with her loved little ones. I understand it so good! Nor the court, nor friends believed that Sarah can do this: earn living working at home. But she did it! She does it. She created her business out of nothing.

Because she wanted, she believed, she didn’t give up. I’m a big fan of her because as a mother I have similar feelings and a similar vision of my life with kids. I want to be with them.

And to make a link between her story and this blog subjects, you can read Sarah’s article, showing that minimalism and real value works also in the digital world, in social media and blogs management: Should you delete your pins?

Ari Meisel, The Art Of Less Doing: One Entrepreneur’s Formula for a Beautiful Life

Actually, I’ve decided to take his course with the same title, The Art of Less Doing. I’ll be honest with you: it IS changing my life. I thought I’ve been quite good in managing my tasks and my life. I thought it couldn’t be better at the current time. But it can be better! Today my life is better organized and because of this easier and less stressful than before taking the course. And the course is about 9 hours of tips, strategies, and answers to student’s questions, and I’ve started in only about one month ago, so much knowledge is waiting to be implemented!

You can take the course (as well as read reviews before) here or give it as a non-clutter gift to someone you care about.


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Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

The book is fascinating. Perfect for people interested in anthropology, in everyday history, and in rising of big ideas and social and technical changes. Capitalism, technical revolution, science, money, empires – all subjects are covered in this book.

When I’ll end reading this book, there is no doubt I’ll pick to read the next book by Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Tom Hodgkinson, How to Be Free

The first books’ author that I’ve found who’s leading a really simple life, enjoying it and writing about it: encouraging others to join the lifestyle. He gives tips, arguments and the historical background for living a slow and happy life.

It’s a book for freedom lovers, who’ll find an interesting approach (and historical background) to government, bills, police, and monopolies.

It’s a book for people, believing that it is possible to create a life that one can love: doing what brings joy, having almost no stress, having time for family and hobbies.

It’s a book for environmentally conscious people, looking for ways to live zero-waste.

It’s a book for people loving crafts, and beautiful, unique things instead of cold, spiritless industry production.

It’s a book for entrepreneurs, loving what they do and wanting to stay free.

And what is the best recommendation: it’s one of three physical books that I keep at home! And I’m coming back to it from time to time. (Actually, another book that I have at home is also by Hodgkinson, The Idle Parent).

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