how to start a blog and earning from blog - beginner's guide

How to Set up a Blog 💻 and Start Earning Money Quickly 💵 Even If You’ve Never Done It Before?

The situation we have in the world has caused that many people have already lost their jobs, and many are worried whether their source of income will continue for the next months.

What I can do in this situation is to show you how to easily start your blog and start earning on it, perhaps even in the first month. I will honestly add that at the beginning it could be dollars, maybe tens of dollars a month, but rather not hundreds and not thousands.

But if every cent counts for you or if you can’t find employment opportunities and want to earn and you have time, my advice can be useful.

Featured photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash.

How to set up a blog?

First of all, think about your blog’s name, and more precisely: its www address. Let it be something easy to repeat and remember, not too long. Blog name can be related to the topic you want to write about or just be your name.

Once you know the name of the blog, it’s time to make room for it, i.e. buy a domain (web address) and hosting (disk space where data such as texts, photos, blog settings will be stored and from where they will be sent to readers’ browsers).

It may sound complicated, but today hosting companies make it easier for people to meet their needs and you don’t have to be familiar with technology to set up and run your website. Good business’ interfaces are very easy today!

To set up your blog the easiest way:

1 | Go to Bluehost and select WordPress -> WordPress hosting.

(WordPress is a software that operates over 1/3 of websites on the Internet).

bluehost wordpress hosting - how to start a blog for beginners

2 | Choose a plan there. Basic is enough and starts from $3.95 per month. (You don’t pay for the domain for the first year!)

3 | In the next steps, enter the domain name (www address) and registration and payment details (credit card or PayPal).

If what you need is low cost of starting a blog, do not buy additional options (package extras). However, if you have some dollars to invest, the Bluehost SEO Tools Start add-on can be really useful, contributing to more visits to your site.

Upon creation of your WordPress Hosting plan, Bluehost automatically installs the latest and most secure version of WordPress.

Upon the creation of your WordPress Hosting account, you choose your login credentials.

Bluehost offers 24/7 support to assist with getting started and any other questions that may come up.

To administer your site, you can log in from your panel at Bluehost or just like me, entering your site address ended with /wp-admin/ e.g.

There you enter your login and password and…

you are already in your WordPress panel where you create the blog!

wordpress admin panel - how to set up a blog for beginners

First, go through the Settings section, where you will set your blog title and other key options.

Then, in the Appearance section, search for a free website template you like.

You will add new articles in the Posts section, and new pages, e.g. about or contact in the Pages section.

The WordPress panel is really simple and if you can use a computer, you can do it and you’ll learn everything.

What and how to write?

I hope you have an idea about what topics you could write about.

Write 10-20 ideas for texts on a piece of paper.

Let each text have a minimum of 600 words. Invent a title that will explain what the text is about, and will also interest readers to click and read. Add a featured image.

How to start earning on a new blog?

The main possibilities of making money on blogs are banner advertising, advertising campaigns – cooperation with companies, affiliate marketing and sales of your own products (see my Go Minimalist workbook).

Beginner bloggers who are just building traffic to their site have the best chance of making a profit from banner advertising, possibly also through affiliate marketing. It is good to think about creating your own products in the future (you can start with printables).

Ok, let’s go quickly to the specifics.

When you have, say, 10 texts on the blog, apply to join Google Adsense (banner advertising) and Amazon Affiliates (affiliate marketing).

Once your page is approved, you’ll get ad codes from the Google Adsense panel to paste into, for example, the widget on the side of your blog.

How much can you earn? It all depends on the subject of the blog, the number of visitors and the placement of the ad. I counted that on my blog, which is not about finances or expensive cars at all, with 10 clicks on ads per day, I can earn about $50 a month.

Cooperation with Amazon is a bit more labor-intensive, because you have to download the code for each product (e.g. a good book) that you mention in the text. Earnings can be higher here, but you earn no more per click but per sale. After all, Amazon is such a popular store that many people will buy there anyway. Why not through your link? 🙂

I only warn you to read Amazon’s regulations and comply with them! Unfortunately, due to my inattention, I was removed from cooperation.

how to start a blog and earning from blog - beginner's guide

How to promote and grow your blog?

When everything is set up and the first 3 texts are on the blog, your most important task is to attract people to it. Readers, customers.

Start by talking boldly about your venture on Facebook. Its power is amazing and very useful at the start! Create a blog’s fanpage and post on it, if you have time, but in the first phase link to your texts on your private profile and ask your friends to share. It really does the miracles that you need so much at the beginning of this journey.

In my opinion, the best source of traffic at a later stage is Pinterest. Simply create a vertical pin for each of your articles and describe it with meaningful keywords and several hashtags.

Over time, read about SEO.

Create new texts.

Promote them.

Watch your earnings, adjust your methods of work, optimize, improve.

It’s always like this 🙂

Where to learn how to blog more efficiently?

You can get knowledge by spending hours and hours on the Internet, reading about blogging strategies, trying them and checking which work. It takes a lot of time.

If you have some money to invest in your possible income source, I suggest you find ONE teacher, a successful, earning blogger whose style you like and could copy (the business strategy, not the content, of course), get their ebook or ecourse on blogging if they have one or look for information from whom they’ve learned, who they follow.

The trainings which I can recommend:

  • The Grow Your Business Bundle – 35 eCourses from successful businessmen and businesswomen, including subjects as content & product development, sales & marketing, branding, traffic & lead generation. Normally, these 35 resources cost a combined $18,246. Until Monday 4/6, the entire bundle is available for $497. Info from their website: If your income has been affected by the pandemic, we want to help. You can access the bundle at a reduced rate. And it’s much less than the $497. Check it out!
Get your copy now!
  • How to Create a Microbusiness That Matters by a minimalist, Courtney Carver – she represents the approach to business where you care about the work-life balance
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle-Schroeder Gardner who makes $50,000 per month through affiliate marketing – if it’s your preferred income source
  • Creative Live courses – they host interesting classes by experts, among others in subjects such as branding, marketing, writing, email marketing, storytelling, social media, business, money

I hope this quick beginner’s guide will help those of you who want to start slowly building their own income in these uncertain times.

Ready to start? Remembering the first steps? Topic, name and then…

start with registering a name and space for your blog on Bluehost.