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Simplifying our lives, inviting fewer and fewer toxins to our homes and bodies, giving the rest to the Earth and as a byproduct, saving some money – let it be goals of this text, this blog and maybe our lives too. Today I’ll gather here my tips for a simple and eco laundry.

So since I’m interested in more eco-friendly living, I’ve tried different solutions how to wash our clothes. After years I’ve created a routine which suits my needs. Here it is:

1 | I use only washing soda when I turn on the washing machine or do hand washing.

Don’t believe that homemade, eco products like cleaning supplies or skincare are complicated. Even Bea Johnson, the founder of the zero waste movement is a bit angry at people who publish on the Internet complicated receipts for eco-friendly and healthy products. For her like for me, the point is simplicity. It’s easier and it works well.

I don’t use any liquid to soften or perfume clothes. I even don’t like essential oils as perfumes for clothes. From my experience, I can tell you that the wet laundry smells a bit like the added oil but later the scent is gone.

I like it that after washing clothes with the washing soda they just don’t smell. They don’t smell bad and they don’t smell with any perfume. Perfect. (Ok, the artificial perfumes smell amazing but when smelling it I have a red light in my head with the text: chemicals, toxins!)

2 | I’ve reduced the amount of hand washing, to save my work, time and water. I just wash sweaters in the washing machine (earlier I feared that they’ll get damaged), I put there also bras and I avoid buying clothes in bright colors which could color water and other clothes. And I don’t put clean, fresh clothes to the laundry after one day of wearing.

3 | I’ve reduced the number of washing machine loads per week by washing all the colors together. Yes, you’ve read it: I have no problem with washing white and black together.

4 | I wash in 30 degrees Celsius (cold water).

5 | I choose the slowest spin speed (in my machine it’s 500) to use less electricity and to have my clothes in better condition lasting for longer.

6 | I often choose a short program – water-, energy- and time-saving.

6 | I don’t use (and don’t have) a drying machine. I hang my clothes, preferably on the balcony. You can also use a clothes line.

Here is the type of drying rack that I use and a few more words on why it’s worth to air dry clothes.

7 | I don’t iron clothes. I hang them to dry so that they have as little wrinkles as possible. Again, time and electricity saved.

Simple and eco laundry shopping list:

washing soda

drying rack.

Do you have any more good tips for simple and eco laundry? Share in the comments!

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air drying clothes - Simple and Eco Laundry - Slow and Happy blog air drying clothes - Simple and Eco Laundry - Slow and Happy blog

simple eco laundry - eco-friendly laundry tips and experiences on the Slow and Happy blog simple eco laundry - eco-friendly laundry tips and experiences on the Slow and Happy blog

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