Some people ask how to start the journey of becoming minimalist. Others ask, what and how to do when you are already on this path, to feel even better. There are no universal guidance or tools. To each of us different words speak, different ideas move us.

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article how to start being a minimalist

Here’s what I worked out for my minimalism and my state of affairs to feel fresh, to clearly define it and see in what state it is. Maybe my tool – a tool of a woman being minimalist for years –  will suit you too.

Listen to me reading the article.

Becoming minimalist or growing as a minimalist experiment

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Sit at 1 am in an unusual place.

do not mean a jetty in Australia (although if someone would like to fund…), but a place where you never work nor sit thinking. On the floor between the lamp and the children’s bed – I haven’t sat there in the past, so it was a good choice.

Sit at 1 am in this unusual place and answer the questions:

Which items do you use?

Which items do you need?

Yes, those are two questions. For example, I do not use driver’s license, passport or pregnancy card in this way I use a spoon, a t-shirt or my payment card. But still, I need that license, passport and pregnancy card.

Sit there at this time and answer these questions… out of your head.

List the items on paper or in a notebook. Without looking on shelves, into cabinets nor wardrobe.

Write down everything you want to stay with you.

And everything that you would put in your backpack, if enemy’s forces would attack your country or if you would like to leave the house and go to the Yucatán.

One Easy Experiment To Start Your Minimalist Life. Click to read the article with examples! :)

At night, I wrote my list. How often do you arrange time just for yourself? Time for meeting with yourself, thinking and writing down something from inside yourself? I … never.

At night, I wrote my list. After morning duties I took several paper shopping bags, I took out everything from my closet and put back only what I had on the list. I was ticking things off the list. In the same way, I looked through my shelves in the bathroom.

I put other things into the bags and the at the top shelf in my wardrobe.

Some of the things I will probably sell: I do not see myself already in stiff jackets, and for the next two years, and maybe more, I do not see myself in most of my fantastic dresses. They are well matched to me, but not to my current lifestyle: pregnancy, lactation and crawling on the floor.

Some of the things are clothes for other seasons.

And yet another, a small part, is for the future. T-shirts, pants, socks to use when the currently used become worn.

I left in my wardrobe things that I remembered in the night. And were there any important items which I have forgotten at night, and which revealed to me in the review of my closet?

They were such. Five pieces.

– Glasses – I remembered about my computer and cable. I forgot my glasses that complement this set. But I cannot give them up.
– A short-sleeved shirt.
– Raspberry seed oil – my sunscreen – I need it.

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– Hair dryer – I need it.
– Tweezers – I will see, after how long time I will need it.

In total: 71 items.

(If you’re interested in the list of my current belongings, which I plan to publish, sign up to the newsletter – you’ll get information about new articles. You can find the newsletter form on top of the right sidebar or almost on top of the main page – click Blog in the top menu.)

My previous list of belongings (me + my almost 2-year old Son) is here.

I encourage you to try this simple minimalist’s experiment.

What do you use? What do you need?

What was or will be your first step on the way to minimalism? Tell me in comments.

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