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I’m a minimalist for years now, so my current actions sometimes can be not understandable, difficult or weird for people, who are starting walking this path. For this reason I’ve decided to start a series of articles called Simplicity Basics. In each article I’ll focus on one part of home or one part of our lives to make the start for new minimalists easier.

Today’s subject is wardrobe. Clothes. I’ve chosen it for the start, because it’s something everyone owns.

If you look at lists owned by different minimalists there are two categories that are on every list: clothes and electronics.

So let’s start with clothes.

Minimalist’s wardrobe

How to declutter?

Different ways can lead you to have a minimalist wardrobe.

I think the easiest and the quickest way is to observe and note what you wear. After for example a month of noting what you wear, clean your closet. Keep only things that you’ve used in last 30 days.

In the rest of your wardrobe you can find nice things: beautiful clothes, clothes bringing back memories, clothes that fit or suit you very, very well. But they are clothes you don’t wear! Maybe you don’t like them, maybe they’re not comfortable.

If you’re not yet able to say them goodbye and sell, give or donate, then put them in a box and hide from your sight. I promise you won’t miss them. You won’t even remember those pieces.

So you have your perfect minimalist wardrobe for today.

How to keep your set of clothes useful and decluttered?

Firstly, add anything new only when you need it. Don’t shop for fun nor just in case.

Secondly, when you need to buy something (on a place of a worn out thing), use it as a chance to make your life simpler.

For example don’t buy clothes that need ironing. I do so for years and my only contact with iron is when I want to be nice to my Husband!

When you’re buying new clothes, think about doing laundry. Avoid colours that need being washed separately.

I share more ideas on smart clothes buying in this article: How to Buy Clothes? 8 Principles of Conscious Shopping.

Examples of my (and my Son’s!) clothes that we use are in my lists of things I own: first minimalist’s things list, second minimalist’s things list.

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