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Today I want to introduce to you a great project, A Simple Year 2018. Below are the most important information and my reasons why it’s totally worth its price: less than $21/month.

Registration open by March 19th, 2018.

-62Days -16Hours -9Minutes -56Seconds

This super helpful and eye-opening course is initiated by one of my favorite people from all the authors writing about minimalism and simple living! Her name is Courtney Carver and if you’re interested in simple life, you probably know her from her blog, Be More With Less or have heard about her capsule wardrobe Project 333.

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Who is Courtney Carver?

Courtney, the initiator of a Simple Year course, is a blogger and minimalist since about eight years now. Her version of minimalism is not judgmental. I would call it feminine. She writes about things (actually not things!) that we keep in our lives instead of focusing what to get rid of it. She writes about a life full of love (to yourself first!), meaning and peace of mind.

After getting to know her writing, I took also Courtney’s course about managing a blog microbusiness. Imagine that blogging is full of options what you can – others say: should – do. Things like better photos, better writing, more engagement in social media and often opposing multiple strategies for everything… And now I know that every time I feel overwhelmed with all the tips and shoulds, I can go back to Courtney’s course and get back my peace and the feeling that enough is enough.

You can check also my Slow Blogging guide.

What is a Simple Year 2018?

Do you like minimalist challenges like the capsule wardrobe? If you’re open to deep changes in your life, you can be interested in taking the direction towards a simpler life by joining the Simple Year 2018.

12 months of guided simplicity

A Simple Year 2018 is a course designed to help you simplify your life gently and with purpose with the guidance of experts. There is another subject for every month of the year and every subject has its experienced expert who’s giving lessons to you.

Here are the subjects and experts list:

simple year 2018 minimalism course

January: CLUTTER guided by Brooke McAlary

February: BUSYNESS guided by Courtney Carver

March: DIGITAL guided by Tammy Strobel

a simple year course review (3)

April: COOKING guided by Jules Clancy

May: TRAVEL guided by Colin Wright

June: MINDFULNESS with Anthony Ongaro

a simple year course review (3)

July: MONEY with Cait Flanders

August: SELF-CARE with Erin Juenemann

September: RELATIONSHIPS guided by Rachel Macy Stafford (the Hands Free Mama!)

a simple year course review (3)

October: EATING guided by Jules Clancy

November: GIFTS guided by The Minimalists – Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn

December: GRATITUDE guided by Marc and Angel Hernoff

simple year course review - 12 months of guided simplicity

Bolded names are of people who I follow or followed in the past on my way of the simple lifestyle. Recently Tammy Strobel and Cait Flanders are the women whose words speak to me the most.

The course details

The course is delivered in the form of articles in PDF format (4 per month), one video/audio lesson every month and monthly live webinar (you can get the recordings too). And you can access the material anytime forever! You can also join the private Facebook group to ask questions and connect with like-minded people.

Reviews from the 2017 edition on FB.

Start date: registration open by March 19th, 2018. Hurry up!

Refund policy: yes, 30 days.

Where to register: click.

simple year 2018 course by Courtney Carver

Get expert’s guidance for the new year! Simplify your life, achieve a simpler, slower lifestyle with deeper relationships, more focus and more money left in your pocket. Get self-discovery and peace of mind 🙂

Registration open by March 19th, 2018.

-62Days -16Hours -9Minutes -56Seconds

simple year course review - 12 months of guided simplicity

Here you can check the course’s website for more information (including lists of subjects taught in every month) and answers to frequent questions about the course.

Do you plan to register? Do you have any resolutions connected with minimalism, or just simple living plans, ideas and goals for the new year? Tell me in comments.

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