How to simplify life with baby - Slow and Happy blog: simple life, motherhood

Life with a newborn human being on board can be overwhelming. Help yourself by learning how simplify life with baby.

1. Declutter

Less items at home = less work at home.

Have control over the amount of toys!

2. Breastfeed

No bottles, no packagings of milk, no shopping for milk and finding place for it at home. No heating, no washing bottles.

No listening to baby’s cry while your child is waiting for the meal.

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3. Lower your standards

Learn to accept home that can be more dirty and messy than without a little human being.

Accept eating less or less healthy.

Do it for yourself. You don’t have to be a superhero. Don’t try to be ideal. Having a new full-time job which is caring for a baby, don’t try to do all other tasks like before the baby came into your life. It’s impossible. Your day has the same amount of hours as before. And besides nice looking rooms you need sleep.

How to simplify life with baby - Slow and Happy blog: simple life, motherhood

4. Put every item near a place where you use it

It is a tip developing the find place for every item rule.

If you clip baby’s nail in baby’s room, don’t keep them in bathroom!

Put diapers near the place where you do the changing.

Find place for toys near the place where the baby plays with them. You’ll avoid putting them every evening to a drawer on the other side of the room or in another room.

Be wise. Act and organise efficiently.

5. Tidy up toys only once a day

I do it in the evening. From my experience I know that when you want to tidy up during the day every time you see you should, you can end up tidying up all day long!

So to simplify life with baby and to be a happier parent let the mess be. And deal with it once, before sleep.

6. Teach your child self-reliancy

A 2-year old can eat many meals without your help.

A 2-year old can start to pour out the content of his or her pot into your toilet.

A 2-year old can put his or her toys on their places.

These are only examples.

How to simplify life with baby - Slow and Happy blog: simple life, motherhood

To simplify life with baby means less duties and more time. It means less nervous situations and more beautiful, peaceful moments.

Simple life is regaining your resources – time, space, attention – for your priorities.

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