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Slow Blogging – my ebook

I’m a blogger, but firstly I’m a mother, wife, woman, entrepreneur, housewife, daughter, sister…

As blogging became more rewarding, I started to research how to do it better. After implementing most of the common blogging tips, I felt overwhelmed. Caring for my blog wasn’t fun anymore, but an unsweet duty.

Being a minimalist in many areas of my life and living every day more and more conscious, I decided that I should slow down my blogging. I didn’t want to give up my hobby but to give it the right place in my daily schedule.

How to find the blog and life balance?

In the book, I’ve presented my experience with once overwhelming, and then again enjoyable, blogging habits. Here you’ll find ideas on how to slow down your blogging in different areas such as appearance, social media or content.

My aim was to be helpful and to not waste your time. This result is 28 pages of a brief overview of blog components and precise tips – only the most important words.

An example of what you can find inside my guide:

Slow Blogging: The Golden Mean in Running a Blog.

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