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Today the internet is full of advice on blogging. You should do research, take photos, write, search for best keywords, photoshop the photos, create a call to action, let people know on social media, observe the audience behaviour, improve user experience, care about SEO… Or you can try slow blogging.

This all above is not blogging. It’s a hard work.

I’m not following all the advice just because I wanted to blog as a free-time activity. For fun, not labor.

I want to be a full-time mother, not a full-time worker. So I’m doing it my way.

This article contains affiliate links.

What is slow blogging?

Some characteristics of a happy blogger’s non-ideal blog:

– Texts don’t have to have headings.

– If writing is the core of your blogging, you can use no photos (is Zen Habits blog not successful?) or add photos to last twenty posts at one time.

– You can spread your content on social media or other platforms… once a month.

– You can write texts of different lengths and styles if you feel so.

This subject is what my book A little guide to slow blogging: Or How to find your blog and life balance is about. I’ve written there guidance on how to find the right balance between your blog and life so that your blog is not overwhelming you.

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So, keep only the advice you like and don’t let your blog stress you!

My Slow blogging ebook.

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Regain Blog-Life Balance with The Slow Blogging Guide

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