How to slow down in November

Why Is It Worth to Slow Down in November and How to Use This Month?

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This year I have a nice plan and big expectations for November. Where I live it’s the least nice month of all. There are already no colorful leaves on the trees, it’s wet, rainy, foggy. It’s already cold but not yet we have snow which would cheer up our hearts and reflect the light of December’s decorations. It’s just cold, wet and dark, and we prefer to stay at home, with a cup of a warm beverage, under a warm blanket or wearing a thick sweater. (Ok, it’s a description of a pretty autumn day of a person before having kids. Or after they grow up a little.) All in all, November is a month of hiding at home, curling up, sleeping longer, drinking warmer, moving less… And I get the idea how to use such a time. Let’s slow down in November without any guilt and use the characteristics of this month in a positive way!

Do you also feel like November is a month of slowing down? Or do you have energy, ideas, and power to do things now? Tell me in comments.

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Article about slow life in autumn: why to slow down in November and exemplary activities what to do this month. #recharge #slowlife #slowliving #slowdown #slowingdown #november #autumn #whattodoinnovember #whattodoinautumn Click to read the article and get more ideas!

Disclosure: the article contains affiliate links for which I may get compensation.

Article about slow life in autumn: why to slow down in November and exemplary activities what to do this month. #recharge #slowlife #slowliving #slowdown #slowingdown #november #autumn #whattodoinnovember #whattodoinautumn Click to read the article and get more ideas!

Why to slow down in November?

One reason is that the darkness affects us in this way. We could sleep and sleep, like many animals at this time. But coming back from nature to culture, I think, we should be slower and gentler to ourselves in November just because it’s the month… before December!

What tasks await you in December? Maybe they’re nothing difficult, but as every task, they all are time- and attention-consuming. Thinking about gifts, shopping for them, packing, choosing outfits, planning trips and visiting families, maybe baking, cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating, removing snow from your car and driveway… And if you have little kids, like me, every task multiplies (dressing 3 people before going to a shop or for a walk) and time needed for doing even simple tasks lengthen (Why are you cucking you brother’s socks?! Ula, give me a new pair of socks for the Younger, because the Older is eating his socks…)

How to use the slow month?


Sleep, take naps, slow down. Tidy up and clean less (you’ll have a good chance to show off your perfect housewife skills in December). Take care of yourself.

Sit. Eat. Read.

Be less perfect with all the kids and home duties.

Let yourself be idle (the best idleness teacher I’ve got to know so far is Tom Hodgkinson).

recharge slowing down in autumn

Assess your year

To prepare really good resolutions for the New Year, we need to assess the last year. Have we achieved our goals, did we stick to our plans or did they change? To create a plan for the next year that will work, we need also to examine ourselves: our behaviors, motivations, character, opinions, how our personality changed during the last year. Will you have time for it between Christmas and New Years’ Eve? I bet no.

Give yourself much time for these reflections. Much slow time. In November.

assess your year in november

Organize or declutter a bit: digital stuff is a good idea for such an idle month

When you know what to do and when you have something to do, and when you have the energy to do things (in the spring, summer…), do them! Act! Flow! In such a period building the inbox zero and clearing, and organizing the desktop, folders, and clouds would be a waste of your time and energy!

We can do it in the sleepy, foggy, grey and empty November.

Read my tips on simplifying the Internet use, decluttering Instagram or go to the Minimalism category to get inspiration to make your home feel cozy again.

organize your wardrobe in your slow month

declutter your computer in november


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Article about slow life in autumn: why to slow down in November and exemplary activities what to do this month. #recharge #slowlife #slowliving #slowdown #slowingdown #november #autumn #whattodoinnovember #whattodoinautumn Click to read the article and get more ideas!

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6 thoughts on “Why Is It Worth to Slow Down in November and How to Use This Month?”

  1. I love this post. I definitely feel the urge to slow down, get cozy and retreat indoors during this time of year. I do think there is some biological components to that as the nights get longer and days shorter. It is the perfect time to do all the things you mention in your post; decluttering, relaxing, gearing up for the holiday season. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  2. When I still lived in northern hemisphere I felt similar to you at the moment – time to slow down. These are some great ideas how to spend November and get the most out of it.

  3. This is a great blog post about November! I always knew I didn’t care for this month and now I know why! I do like that Thanksgiving falls during this time; but it is a dark, colder, rainier and stark month. I will change my mindset and consider using this time indoors more to get things accomplished and prepared for the holidays.

    1. So I wish you happy slowing down, Pamela 🙂 And I see I should read about the Thanksgiving celebrations and purpose. We don’t have such a day here in Europe.

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