Slow life is a choice that besides the benefits has also it’s expenses.

My story

During the periods of breastfeeding I’m sometimes having sore breasts. It’s a kind of little illness. I’m ok after a few days.

I got this sore breast last year just before Christmas. I felt bad, I needed to be good to myself and rest.

But I put other’s people need above mine.

I politely drove to our families (even 100 miles) for Christmas meetings.

The day and travel with two little kids were tiring. Then we spent evening and night in relative calmness not in our home, so taking and managing everything like in a hotel (with kids). I took shower two times. Could this be enough to heal a sore breast?

Or would it be better to take one day off, stay in sport-suit or pajamas, in bed or in bath and let my husband care of boys?

Instead of this I choose to grit my teeth while driving between families.

I chose other people. I chose busyness. I chose being polite.

I didn’t choose respect to my body’s needs.

Slow Life Is Conscious Giving Up - slowandhappy blog

What should you know about slow lifestyle and its choices?

Slow life means slowness. And slowness is connected with time. And time is limited. It doesn’t stretch like gum.

Slow life sounds beautiful and so are pictures on the internet tagged slow life:

Everything is so slow, without stress.

Just THIS moment, often in natural surroundings.

A person admires meadows, forests, focuses on pouring coffee into a cup, has time for closest ones, goes for walks, reads, breaths and so on.

You CAN have it. You can live like this.

But it’s possible when you accept the facts of economy, maths or just the facts that time is not made of gum:

You can live a slow lifestyle but such a life means consciously giving up something else.

Everything is at the expense of something else.


If you choose to commute from work slowly by bike, you won’t have time for a walk with your kid.

If you choose to do gardening, you won’t help your mother with some renovation works.

If you choose to go sleep early, you won’t enjoy the grill with friends.

The art of choice.

Slow Life Is Conscious Giving Up - slowandhappy blog

And what do a slow life mean from this point of view?

Life in slow mode means that the two thing you choose to do, you’ll do with a high quality and pleasure. You’ll have enough (or even more!) energy and time for them.

But you’ll not even try other seven things.

You’ll do less. You’ll experience less situations, adventures, attractions, even less contacts with people.

Ask yourself, if it’s worth, if it’ll bring you benefits.

It’s a choice.

Slow Life Is Conscious Giving Up - slowandhappy blog

The golden mean between slow and busy life

We can bring together our need for slow lifestyle with living in a busy world. During a year and even a day we can have different periods: slow ones and busy-productive-achieving-fast ones.

Wait, is this second type worse?

It’s very bad if you’re in the fast mode all the time. You can ruin your body. After a time, the psychological part of you will also suffer. You’ll have no will to do what you do.

But being in a achieving-achieving mode from time to time can be even fun and bring measurable benefits, providing you choose your tasks carefully and not just that you are busy.

Choosing something means not choosing something else.

Everything has it’s costs. And can bring benefits.

Coming back to my story, where in put needs of others above mine, you can read my recent post: What to Do When You Give Too Much of Yourself.

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