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Being busy is so welcome today. People think you live your life properly when you’re busy, tired, having no time, jumping from one task to another. If you do so, you’re considered normal, honest and hard-working.

Slow life means giving up being busy. What is more, slow life means giving up the myth of hard work. Just read about the Pareto and Parkinson’s rules.

Slow life means…

Setting priorities,
having goals
and choosing activities that really matter and make change.

It is a far better lifestyle and workstyle than being constantly(?) busy with small things.

The key is doing important things, not urgent ones.

Just remember that productivity itself is not the goal.


You set your priorities and goals and plan your days and months accepting facts that:

  • each day has 24 hours,
  • your mind and body need time to rest.

With such an attitude and while putting it into everyday practice, there comes a big, soothing wave of calmness, relief and respect.

Respect for yourself

When you do not demand too much from yourself but choose to do for example two most important, valuable and change-making tasks a day.

When you give yourself time to breathe, time to rest, time to stare at the sky, time to do nothing.

When you do not agree to do everything you’re asked for.

Respect for others

When you don’t answer calls nor react to other phone notifications during a meeting with other person.

Respect for the environment

When you’re not in hurry, you plan what you do. So you don’t forget to take your fabric bag when you go shopping. You don’t buy the plastic one in hurry at the store. You’re prepared.


When you plan your activities in the city center or far destinations for days and hours when you won’t get stuck in the traffic jam nor burn excessive amounts of fuel trying to find a parking place.

Slow life means being… human.

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