spring is here - love your balcony - time on the balcony with books, tea, coffee, relax

mini art: Spring Is Finally Here! Love Your Balcony or Go for a Trip

This mini article was supposed to be written earlier than now when I write it and published yesterday. But because of the spring, I got what I call oxygen poisoning. Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing bad. It is just tiredness and other symptoms of the body which was exposed to sun and fresh air after months of darkness and staying home or breathing smog. I was sunbathing on the balcony. I was outside with Younger for two hours in the afternoon/evening until the sunset. This made me go to sleep at 8 pm. End of the story.


Until the sunset. Sunsets are recently so beautiful here. Every single day I’m amazed. And photos (at least my photos) don’t reflect the beauty, power of beauty, power of nature. So instead of looking at sunset photos, go out the evening and see the original sunset through your eyes, not through the iPhone’s screen.

With my Husband, we’re happy to have more freedom than people working full time 9 to 5. We were small business owners, now both of us do different things that give us some more flexibility than in a standard workplace.

This means that we could extend our Easter break and on Tuesday make a trip to Kazimierz Dolny, a picturesque, sweet, beautiful, unique little old town on the Vistula river. (Forgive me the adjectives overload 😉 ).

As I’ve written on my Instagram: If you’ll be in Poland, looking for a lovely place with pretty, historical buildings, unique atmosphere, many local restaurants, a little mountain to climb on and admire views and lot of nature, including a long walkway on the riverside, go to Kazimierz Dolny, 1-2-hour drive from our capital, Warsaw. You won’t regret, that’s sure! 🙂

Kazimierz Dolny Poland old town

The Main Square.

Kazimierz Dolny Poland and souvenirs - all the thing you don't need

Souvenirs. The little shops look cute but as a minimalist, I’d give a following title for the photo: All the things that you don’t need.

Kazimierz Dolny Poland Vistula river

And the Vistula, the biggest river in my country. The water level was very high on that day. Probably it’s because of the tons of melting snow. Last snow. And after the last snow comes this:

spring is here - love your balcony - time on the balcony with books, tea, coffee, relax

Spring, sun, heat and finally the possibility to stay with pleasure on the balcony and feed my body with the sun, which wasn’t here a lot of times during last six months.

What I’ve written on my Instagram on that day:

Finally weather for sitting on the balcony! Thanks to my Husband who gave me a few hours free from kids 🙂 And after four years of being a mom I start learning that in a free time I shouldn’t care about home or other people’s wants. It is my time! 🙂

The air, birds singing, the sun that heats, tea, coffee (why should I choose if I can have both?), cake and good books.

Currently, I’m reading The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne. I’ve read about one-third of it, making a few pages of notes! The book is about the nature of human beings, the nature of the real world. Till now I’ve been very idealistic and some things in my life just weren’t working. The book is changing my view on some matters. I hope to implement the new knowledge and benefit from it!

Another book which I can highly recommend is Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. It is just a minimalist, simple approach to work in today’s times. I regret not having read it earlier.

spring is here - love your balcony

And the balcony with kids and snacks.

I treat balcony as an activity to occupy my Boys. Balcony is a verb.

And our first trip this year to a beautiful place: a palace surrounded by a park surrounded by water. And not crowded! There we have water, nature, spring flowers, squirrels, a big lawn where kids can run and play, benches, a cafe. I should prepare more photos to show you. Maybe I’ll do it later.

winter spring capsule wardrobe of a minimalist mom

And my early spring capsule wardrobe outfits from the week before Easter. Probably it’s the last time this season that you see the winter coat, winter shoes, and the cap.

Last week’s photos are still not ready to publish… And this lack of time is the only one disadvantage of staying so long outside with my Boys.

winter spring capsule wardrobe of a minimalist mom

I liked the filter 😉