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Just an update from my life. One beautiful April’s week.

First warmer days. We used them to consume the sun, eat ice creams and admire my city of origin – Lublin. If you’d be in Poland, you have to come to Lublin. Culture, nature and the Slow.

View from the old town on the castle:

My men:

The colors:

And home again, Vistula nature reserve near Warsaw:

I don’t know why but I like places near rivers. I feel like I’d had lived near a river… in a distant past. Or maybe I’m too melancholic and have read too many books about people living near rivers?

We don’t have a bridge here but we have a ferry:

I like this one:

Wild, wild, wild not mowed grass, not human shaped bushes and trees:

And a usual (meaning: beautiful) sunset near our home. The sunset is stunning here literally every day:

Is a bunk bed a good idea for nearly 2- and 4-year-old kids? Yes! Take a look at their minimalist room:

And like every Sunday, I’m sharing my outfits from the last week. Dressing with a capsule wardrobe is easy:

spring capsule wardrobe - one week

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