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Blogs, coming to their roots, are a description of author’s life and thoughts. I use this blog also to grow, to develop myself, to change my life by changing something in me.

I’m grateful for this. While writing to you about a topic, I’m starting working on it, I learn and I change.

The subject of overanalyzing is very close to me. And I’ve noticed it only this year!

Stop Analyzing Unless You Want to Hear That Something Is Impossible

How my overanalyzing looks like?

When I want something, I start gathering information about it, because I want to be prepared. My intuition or intelligence lets me also predict problems that can appear. So I inform myself further to avoid these problems…

And it turns out that I’m stuck in place.

An example of an outstanding man of success

Would Christopher Columbus have discovered America or would people after him go by ship from Europe to Asia going west if they would believe rationalists telling them that they have to use old paths and that they can only die in the expeditions?

Christopher Columbus planned as much as he could. He also believed in his goal. And then, even if not everything was so clear nor safe, he just started the journey. He started acting. And the journey was a success, even if they had problems they could avoid by… seven hundred years longer planning and analyzing.

Stop Analyzing Unless You Want to Hear That Something Is Impossible

So what you can do to stop analyzing?

1. Believe in your goal. Be sure.

2. Plan as much as you can.

3. Just start acting. If you act imprerfectly it’s ok.

It’s the lesson I need now

It’s time in my life when I learn to believe my intuition and feelings, learn to cut analyzing to only the most necessary part of it and I learn to act towards my goals, dreams and towards what my intuition brings me.

I think it can be a good lesson for some of you. There are many people of my type. We’re precious and valuable but we don’t materialize our great ideas because we think too much and want to be one hundred percent prepared.

We make our goals come true only by taking action.

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