Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2019

$1,506.90 $49.97


Do you also wish you were less stressed? It is doable.

Dear Mom and Keeper of The Home Kingdom!

Do you feel behind, stressed, and overwhelmed all the time? I’ve been there.

Or maybe things aren’t that bad in your life. Maybe you’re pretty organized and productive.

But you’re always looking for ways to grow.

I’ve got something for you.

The Ultimate Bundles team scoured the internet for the best eBooks, eCourses, worksheets and videos about how to:

  • Set clear goals and priorities so you’ll use your time wisely
  • Create productive routines so you won’t fall behind
  • Deal with distractions instead of getting sidetracked
  • Get started with tasks instead of procrastinating
  • Find the energy to be productive all day instead of burning out

Sure, some celebrities and CEOs can afford private chefs, au pairs, and maids. But I’ve never had any of those things. Have you?

The Ultimate Bundles team is specialized in looking for systems and strategies that worked in the real world. And they do it since 2012.

All together, they found 45 resources that are realistic, practical, and truly inspiring. Resources that can make your life more happy and less stressful – at home and at work.

If you add them up, these materials are worth over $1,500.

But thanks to a partnership with the smart people who created them, for a limited time you can get the entire collection for only $49.97 in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

If you’d have concerns about the fact that you do not know the products, for which you pay, the way you know a book browsed in the bookstore, do not worry. The Ultimate Bundles team is so sure of the quality of their products that it gives their customers 30 days to cancel the purchase and receive money back if they are not satisfied with the Bundle.

Would you like to crawl into your bed with a good book, in the evening of a day when you’re proud of all you’ve accomplished? And to have many such days?

Use these materials to fulfill your dream of a less stressful everyday life.

I know it can be hard to find time for new learnings when you’re struggling just to get your daily tasks done, but making the investment today can set you up for a lifetime of greater productivity, achievement, and happiness.

It is exactly the process in which I – the author of this blog – am right now, learning mainly from the Driven Woman course and implementing described strategies to my weekly planning.

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What exactly will you receive?

When you buy the Ultimate Productivity Bundle you get access to:

    • 5 eBooks
    • 14 eCourses & videos
    • 26 printables & planners

in subjects such as:

    • goal setting
    • time management
    • home management
    • productivity at work
    • mindset & self care
    • + daily planners, goal planners and home management planners.

The complete list of all titles with their original prices is here (click See what’s in the Bundle on the top of the page).

After making the purchase, you’ll receive an email with a login for a dedicated download site. That’s where you’ll find every single resource in the Bundle available for you to download (eBooks) or access (eCourses). You can choose to either get it all in one huge ZIP or download each file individually in the format you prefer. You get access to this site for 6 months after your purchase, and dowloaded files can be yours forever.

Is it worth the price?

Let’s do the math.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle consists of 45 products. The price of them all outside of the Bundle is… $1507.

The avarage price of a product in this collection is $33.

So even if you’d be interested only in using two products, the discount is significant and it’s worth to pay the price of $49.97.

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